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Developer(s) Ned Gunderson
Bilal Irfan

Available language(s) English

Purpose Cataloging active micronations for public convenience

First Edition 21 October 2015

Maintainer/Contact Ned Gunderson
Bilal Irfan

Micropages is a service and undergoing project initally conducted by the Micronational Cooperation Group. It is an essential phone book of active micronations within the project's criteria for activity, in the form of a list in table format. The list is still under development, and as of yet only micronations with MicroWiki pages are listed, with only a few exceptions. The creator, Ned Gunderson, and Bilal Irfan currently manage and update the pages on an official level, although other members and miscellaneous observers have also added nations to the list. It was released to a select group of people on 20 October 2015, and the MCG has plans for the list to also include the communities on Facebook, Wikia and otherwise active nations in phonic-specific or known small circle communities. In May 2017, the GUM passed a motion to maintain and update Micropages, lacking the support and consent of the original authors, with the authority of doing so being vested in one of its organs, the Secretariat for Statistical Research. However, Gunderson himself recognizes the project as independent from the GUM.

Current version

The current list has over one hundred micronations, but this is subject to change. Warnings were also discontinued due to both safety and potentially offensive reasons.


The criteria for being/staying listed is as follows:

  • Active within 3 months.
  • Leader(s) must be contactable by some means, be it directly or through other person(s), by micronationalists.
  • Activity may be domestic or international in nature.
  • The leaders must recognize their nation at least somewhat alive.

Secessionist is defined as if a nation officially claims sovereignty, regardless of how serious the claim is taken into practice. If it doesn't, and classifies itself as no more than a cultural project or political simulation, then it shall be considered simulationist..

Aims and Usage

The list is intended to be a tool and information source for foreign relations, contact information, and possibly even references for journalists. It is so that people do not waste time attempting to contact unreachable or dangerous micronationalists.


The following are links to the subdivisions of Micropages, and pages for a summarized version and a page for each letter. A key and disclaimer are included below:


Regional Abbreviations

  • M - Micrasian

Subnational Abbreviations

  • AC - Abeldane Commonwealth member
  • EP - Paravian country
  • NI - New Israeli imperial circle
  • SC - St.Charlian federation
  • WE - Wurtige state