Capital State of Wyvern

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Capital State of Wyvern
Coat of arms
Motto: Home of Lake Dresner, Pond of Miracles
Anthem: Twenty-eighth Parallel
South Holland, Netherlands
and largest city
Official languagesDutch, English
• Governor
King Quentin I
• Acting Governor
Princess H. of Wyvern
• Schout-bij-Nacht
LegislatureInternal direct democracy
Establishment27 October 2009
• Census
CurrencyKans (de facto Euro)
Time zone(UTC +1)

The Capital State of Wyvern is one of the three core states of the Kingdom of Wyvern, and home to most of the nation's political, economic and cultural institutions, including the Emperor Norton University of Wyvern, the Koninklijke Statenraad, the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Wyvern, the Monument to our Enemies and the Kingdom's only prison. It is also in the race to become the state to host a future museum should the government of the Kingdom of Wyvern require one.


Wyvern State is governed in a way similar but not exactly the same as other states. Because the only full-time residents of the Capital State of Wyvern are members of the royal family, there is a direct democracy for practical purposes that do not interfere with national legislation. In order to protect Wyvern State's institutions and cultural objects, General-Admiral Bowie has been appointed Schout-bij-Nacht, loosely translated to Night Watchman, the official in charge of guarding the state when the Royal Family is away for a short period of time or when they are all asleep at the same time.

Officially, the governor of the Capital State of Wyvern is King Quentin I of Wyvern. However, Princess H. of Wyvern is in charge of daily management for the state, as well as its financial wellbeing, a task she shares with Prince A. of Wyvern, whose namesake is the patron saint of the Capital State of Wyvern despite its secular nature.

Wyvern State has the right to vote for either one or two seats in the Statenraad, which is hosted in the Royal Palace, depending on a decision prior to an election.


Wyvern State is almost completely covered in stone, and almost completely flat. According to information displayed about the region on some maps, it might be below sea level. Notable areas of interest in the Capital State of Wyvern include:

  • Lake Dresner, a pond which is famous for naturally turning green, then purple, then black over the course of a year;
  • The Monument to our Enemies, a monument next to a flagpole, slightly less tall than some adults with a skull on a spike that reminds onlookers of Bradley's Curse.
  • The Emperor Norton University of Wyvern, one of the few micronational universities with a physical location.
  • Wyvern Prison, often deemed 'the most dangerous prison in the world' due to also being a badly-isolated storage place for relatively heavy fireworks, power tools and cleaning chemicals.



Although some Christian traditions, such as Christmas or Easter, are observed in the Capital State of Wyvern, none of its citizens actively adhere to any organised religion.


All residents of the Capital State of Wyvern are ethnically Northern and Western European, with their earliest known ancestors dating back to the early middle ages.