Empire of Barbettia

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Empire of Barbettia

Empire of Barbettia
Flag:Barbettian flag.PNGCoat of Arms Barbettiancoa.PNG

Tros Yer Y'owei Verit (Barbettian tongue)
Tros Epa Laja Mindo Ril
Capital city Akabar
Largest city Akabar
Official language(s) Barbettian, English, Portuguese,
Short name Barbettia
Demonym Barbettian
Government Diarchy (2 kings instead of one)
Established 15 February 2016
Area claimed 1378 cubic feet
Population 2
Currency Barbett
Time zone (UTC -4)
National sport Soccer, Ping Pong, Pong Ball
National drink Ginger Ale, Milk, Clove Ale
National animal Golden Retriever
Barbettia has a deep and thriving culture.

Introduction: The Empire of Barbettia is a micronation, founded on February 15th, 2016. The Empire of Barbettia has its own constitution, national symbols, language, and music. Barbettia also has its own currency, the Barbett, and its own business, Micronational Services. Barbettia believes in being peaceful and friendly to its allies, and respectful toward other nations as much as possible. Barbettia is environmentally friendly.

History: Barbettia was founded on February 15th, 2016. The Constitution was finished on this date. But before the nation existed officially, the culture was already alive. A language, Barbettian, had developed, as well as numerous traditions.

Government: Barbettia is an absolute diarchy, under the rule of two kings. A constitution has been written, but the Kings have absolute power over the Empire of Barbettia.

Culture: Barbettia has a deep and thriving culture. Barbettia has its own language, drinks, cuisine, and music, of which is often written in Barbettian tongue. The Barbettian language is functional and is a royal language. It can not be spoken by peasants. Rice is a major dish in Barbettia. Rice samosas (samosas with only rice inside of them, but cooked without the rice first). Barbettian drinks include milk, ginger ale, and clove ale, a drink invented by one of the Barbettian Kings. Barbettians celebrate Independence Day, on February 15th. There is freedom of religion and speech in Barbettia. Barbettian songs include "Grine yak doich epa grine yak hoise," and "Tros epa laja mindo ril." Also, there is "Aboba epa ama." These songs are recited often. The National Anthem of the Empire of Barbettia is "Tros epa laja mindo ril." It consists of six verses, and is 80 words long, and 137 syllables. The anthem has 26 unique words, and 333 letters. The anthem has piano sheet music and vocals, and the instrumental side is certainly there, but nonetheless the anthem is vocal-dominant."Grine yak doich epa grine yak hoise," is a rap song, purely vocal, and consists of 45 words, 9 of which are unique, and 57 syllables. It is a short but fast-paced rap. "Aboba epa ama," has only a few words, but it can be as long of a song as needed. Many traditional songs have also been developed, these are light and active songs without vocals. Barbettian traditional style is typically alternating between scenes of deep notes and lighter, more joyful sounds, compromising to a great piece.

Chess: Chess is another common activity in Barbettia. It is an important game for Barbettians. Barbettians have also created numerous chess variants. Barbettians are relatively skilled at the game of chess. Man vs machine chess is also played in Barbettia, where the chess players of Barbettia play a round of 10 games against a high-level machine. Man vs Machine matches are coming up, and Barbettian chess players are training. The Barbettian Gambit is a certain variation of the Wing-Gambit in the Sicilian Defense opening, and it is used extensively by some Barbettian chess players. The Barbettian Defense is a structural set-up, and there are multiple other gambits that have been invented by Barbettians.

National symbols: National Animal: Golden Retriever. National Sports: Soccer, Ping Pong, Pong Ball (a Barbettian-created sport). National Bird: Golden Eagle. National Drink: Ginger Ale, Milk. National Food: Rice.

Economy: The Barbettian economy is still developing. The currency is the Barbett. One Barbett is worth 13.48 U.S. Dollars. The Barbettian economy is based on a variety of things. The economy of the Empire of Barbettia is growing fast. Micronational Services, the national business, is growing quickly. Barbettians have minted metal coins by hand, and there are also paper bills. The Barbettian economy continues to grow more prosperous by the day, as the leaders of the nation continue to work hard to stabilize and strengthen the infrastructure.

Military: The Barbettian military is a strengthened force. The military of Barbettia will be trained well to defend the Empire of Barbettia.

Literature There is much Barbettian literature in the works, some along the lines of folktales, others are science fiction. One Barbettian poem is: Lol sasha jateril ega lol dole nawfer Ben trostil akil lol silo surund Kawesil lol jumbar res agris der chiotec clush nawel lol ziar Turia, lol kife der rioen Vas lol jatteril der rawbet trang ril taharen Alk lol yeppe der lol gast trang ril moneren Res lol fers ler shostro Alk lol pietces yer tulua lol orso yae bo achen rilen zhu bronte ishlogil Turia aelers fueh mindo lol toco blusiea

It was written in mid-2015, by a Barbettian.

Another Barbettian poem, would be : Clushil pietces ako tros, Sashas kirhen ega orahe, lol turia achen iresen, Also written in mid-2015, by a Barbettian.

Plans The Empire of Barbettia has many plans to expand and grow, not to mention a major business, Micronational Services. Another plan of the empire is to expand its territory, and develop the currency of the Barbett. One plan that has been accomplished is the Barbettian Arts and Culture Show, a program to showcase Barbettian arts and culture.

Explanation of State Symbols The flag and coat of arms were not created at random. Every symbol represents something. The fleur de lise represents the abundance of the farming state, Fazendalia. The bow and arrow shows the strength of the military-state, the Armyland. The soccer ball shows the state of Ryzage, a state governed solely by a king. The conifer shows the state governed by the other king. The crown, represents the capitol state, and the power of the government.

The chess knights on the coat of arms represents the importance of chess in the Empire of Barbettia, and the Golden Eagle on the coat of arms is the national bird. Below the coat of arms is depicted the national motto. The crown in the coat of arms shows that the monarchs have full control over all of these things.

Apply for Citizenship You can apply for citizenship at [1]. After you apply, the Barbettian Ministry of Immigration will look over your application.