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City in Raphania
City of Al-Aarondad
Flag of Al-Aarondad
Raphania's backyard
"Where sky and desert collide!"
Image taken from atop Al-Aarondad.
Image taken from atop Al-Aarondad.
 • TypeCentrally administered territory
 • AdministratorPosition vacant

The City of Al-Aarondad is a city in the Grand Emirate of Raphania and serves as the regional capital of the Frontier Prefecture .


The city's name is derived from the biblical Aaron who, according to scripture, was the eldest brother of the prophet Moses.


The territory of modern Al-Aarondad was created along with the rest of Raphania on 15 September 2021. However, it wasn't until later that month that the city received a name; that being Al-Miadad. The name was chosen after a national referendum and was named after Shah Alexander's then partner. However, following the couple's split in October 2021, the capital would see its name changed to its current one on October 29, 2021. From its founding until 3 May 2022, Al-Aarondad served as Raphania's capital city, however after the annexation of the Home Prefecture Territory in early May 2022 the capital was moved to the new prefecture's administrative center of Goree.


Al-Aarondad is centrally administered, meaning that it does not possess a local government. Due to this, the area, while distinct from the rest of the Raphanian Frontier, is administered by the central Raphanian national government, namely by the Grand Emir himself.


The royal title of Prince of Al-Aarondad exists as the primary title of the Heir Apparent of Raphania. This title however is not associated with the city's administration and is purely ceremonial in nature.


The city does not have an official flag, however the former Royal Standard of the deposed Shah is commonly used to represent Al-Aarondad internally.

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