Lenard McDaid

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Lenard McDaid

Chairman Lenard patrick McDaid

was born on the 11th of september 2008 Australia New south wales

Bathurst to his mother and father his father being Australian and his mother from Papua new Guinea

and is an relatively new member in the micronational community and is most active in micronational

discord groups and is the current ambassador and Chairman of The Autocratic

States of Kruaslavia.

since its creation on the 11th of April 2021 being the soul founder creating

a YouTube channel a discord channel and doing most if not all of kruaslavia administrative decisions.

Lenard McDaid also holds the position of the head of the Catholic

church of Rivalean and leader and founder of the Christian party

lost the 2021 election for chancellorship in The Rivalean Empire

to AUTUMN though later AUTUMN resigned and the chancellorship

was given to Lenard after coming second in the elections and was

also given a place on the national comity and the position of minister of religion and

a place on the council by the Emperor.

He also represents The Autocratic states of Kruaslavia in the euro-asia league.

On the 5th of August 2021 he resigned from his position of chancellor and left

the Rivealean Empire felling he could not revitalise the nation as the emperor

had left the server to help Kruaslavia. Youtube channel