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Raritania officially known as the Confederal Constitutional Republic of Raritania, is a micronation containing three provinces, one unincorporated territory, and one territory. With a population of 4 and land area of 0.3 square miles, it is one of the smallest countries in the world by both population and area. It's largest city and capital is Pontanium which is located in the province of Medecia.

Confederal Constitutional Republic of Raritania
Vertical tricolor (green, white, blue).
Motto: "Nova in rem publicam super horizon"
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• President
Michael J. Del Duca
LegislatureChamber of Governors
• Declared
July 5th 2018
• Estimate
CurrencyNumus (RNM)
Time zoneEST
Drives on theright


The name Raritania comes from the name of the Raritan people who first inhabited the area now known as Raritania. The exact meaning of the name is unknown, although many think it could be a derivation of the Lenape word naraticong meaning "river beyond an island". Others believe it is a derivation of the word wawitan meaning "forked river", refering to the Raritan River in the United States.



The area around what is known as Raritania was first inhabited by Lenni Lenape Indians. The area was first spotted by English explorer Henry Hudson in 1609. Europeans are believed to have first settled the area around 1649, and on February 28, 1887, the area was incorporated to the Borough of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. The land was used as a beach for local residents and parking lot for commuters using the nearby ferry. President Del Duca remembers going to the beach as a child saying "The beach brought me many moments of joy in the summers". In the summer of 2016, Gateway Bridge was built over Many Mind Creek and was opened in the winter of 2016 under the name of the Seastreak Commuter Bridge.


On July 5, 2018 while on vacation in Philadelphia, founding father and president Michael J. Del Duca declared independence from the United States. On July 6 a rough draft of the government system was laid out.

Presidential Order

On February 13, President Michael Del Duca declared presidential order in the country. He stated that he "performed this action because I felt it was necessary because we have no constitution at this time".



Raritania has three provinces: Medicia, West DuTerram, and East DuTerram.


Raritania is classified as having a humid continental climate. Raritania has four seasons with hot summers and freezing winters.


Raritania has a very diverse environment for its small size. The southwest of the country are covered with rolling grasslands and brush. To the north there are sandy beaches and dunes. Heading east to the frontier we see a marsh-like terrain, especially in Pallendissima. Many Mind Creek runs through the east of the country splitting it into two distinct regions.


Raritania is home to many species including duck, turtles, frogs, and the national animal of Raritania, the horseshoe crab.



Raritania is the first and only Confederal Constitutional Republic in the world. The government is lead by President Michael J, Del Duca. Each province has a governor, who belong to the Chamber of Governors and is lead by the Chamber Leader. Each province also has a providential assembly with one seat for each county. Presidents are elected every four years while governors and assemblymen are elected bi-annually. There is currently no elected officials or constitution and the country is being ruled under presidential order.


Raritania only has one current political party, the Raritania Freedom Party, lead by Michael Del Duca. Its population is mostly right wing leaning.



The economy of Raritania is mainly supported by tourism to its beaches. It uses the Nummus (RNM) as its currency but United States Dollars (USD) are accepted in many locations.



The official religion of Raritania is Non-Denominational Christianity, although many citizens are Catholic. There is also a small agnostic minority in the country.


The national dish of Raritania is fried fluke, and the national beverage is ginger ale. Raritanians consume mostly a traditional American diet, although Italian food is quite popular. Raritania is the only country with an official sandwich, pastrami on rye.


The national sport of Raritania is sailing. Ice hockey is commonly watched by citizens and is known to be enjoyed by President Del Duca. American football and baseball are also commonly watched. Although Raritania currently has no national sports teams, surfing and biking are commonly enjoyed.



Raritania is served by Highway 1, which runs from through southern Medecia. There are three border crossing points into the United States. The country is accessible by small sailboat via the Sandy Hook Bay.

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