Federation of Moaca

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Federation of Moaca
Fédération de Moaque (French)
Flag of Federation of Moaca
Motto: "Sous Dieu, personne ne tombera" (French)
"Under God, nobody will fall"
Anthem: "We Raise a Glass"
LocationGeorgia, United States
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesAmokrati
• Premier
• Vice Premier
Ruling Party
• Independence
28 May 2021
• Dissolution
14 July 2022
• Reformation
6 October 2022
0.0156 km2 (0.0060 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
CurrencyMoacan trigle (TGL)
Time zoneUTC +0
None recognized
Driving sideleft
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.fm (proposed)

Moaca (French: Moaque), officially the Federation of Moaca (French: Fédération de Moaque), is a micronation located in the Lower Coastal Plains region of the Georgia, United States. It is bordered on all sides by the United States of America. The country has a fertile ground year-round. Moaca covers 3.87 acres. It has a population of 6. The country's largest city and capital is Keffield, located in the south on Dunfield Bay.

Moaca's flag, Madmoiselle Liberté, has three white bands and 3 stars on a blue background. The three bands represent peace and the three original provinces, Glendale, Eighsfield, and Friesburgh. The centre star represents the premier, and the other two stars represent our alliances with other countries. The blue background represents freedom and Dunfield Lake.

Moaca is a constitutional federation, consisting of 5 states, 91 counties, and a capital district. Moaca's military is one of the largest in Georgia.


The word Moaca is a shortened version of the Amokrati word Mosakaki, meaning freedom. It is believed that native Amokrati speakers settled in the land near modern-day Moaca during the last century, but quickly died off. Mosakaki still further comes from the Old Krati word for world peace and liberty, M'kak'e. However, it is unknown where or when these peoples existed and settled.



The Federation of Moaca was founded on 28 May 2021 by rioo#3531, soon to be Premier, and mrKrabbbbz#4442. This country was created as a self-project between the founders and their friends.

Recent Takeoff

During October, Moaca had been outfitted with a Discord server. A month later, it gained its first PM. mrKrabbbbz#4442 became Prime Minister of Trustan. In late November, 3 more PMs joined, those being Drippxtz#5542, Kool_Mummiez#7189, and notjoe#0593 of Glendale, Friesburgh, and Eighsfield, respectively.

Foreign Coaction

Between 1 December 2021 and 5 December 2021, many important events happened. During these days, Moaca officially allied with the Utrean Empire. They also unofficially allied with the Canvian Confederation, the Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba, the Grand Kingdom of Axefall, and the Republic of Seanadia.

Governmental Shift and New Finds

Prime Minister Removal

The Prime Ministers of Glendale, Eighsfield, and Friesburgh were stripped from their positions for being inactive in the community. New candidates were allowed to run for Prime Minister. mrKrabbbbz#4442, on the other hand was promoted to Vice Premier.

Expeditions and Expansion

Between 18 December and 20 December 2021, more than 35 items were found in the states of Crouix, Trustan, and Friesburgh. These items included shotgun shells, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, bullets, casings, cans, and wire.

On 20 December 2021, Moaca successfully carried out an annexation of 0.35 acres of land from the USA to expand the state of Crouix, the smallest of all the states.

The Moacan Reformation

A New Premier and a New Future

The former Moacan Premier, rioo#3531 had resigned after the dissolution of the nation. This caused mrKrabbbbz#4442 to take up the position of Premier. He elected eggrollz/popfart#9250 as Vice Premier. mrKrabbbbz#4442 says he 'has some ideas to help Moaca make progress' within the micronational community.


The total area of the Federation of Moaca is approximately 3.87 acres.

Government and Politics

Foreign Affairs

Moacan alliances are listed below. Moaca belonged to the United Servers Nexus, which was ran by Emperor Hackman of Axefall.

Micronation Began Ended Status
Utrean Empire 2021 Formal Alliance
Socialist Republic of Quezon 2022 Formal Alliance
Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire 2021 Non-Agression Pact
Canvian Confederation 2021 Informal Alliance
Islamic Republic of Iscal 2021 2022 Defunct

Prime Minister Elections

2022 Elections

The Prime Minister elections took place in January 2022. The results were: Alephia#6591 for Glendale, EggRollz#9250 for Eighsfield, vascal#5708 for Friesburgh, mrKrabbbbz#7294 for Trustan, and Pizzaroll#9149 for Crouix.


The Moacan military consists of 4 branches: Army, Navy, Air Patrol, and Space Operations.

Administrative Divisions

States are organized alphabetically. All data taken from Google Maps.

Caption text
Code Name Area (acres) Prime Minister
1 Crouix 0.63 meepthegreat#7821
2 Eighsfield 0.49 Vice Premier EggRollz
3 Friesburgh 1.14 Rider#9412
4 Glendale 0.82 Henry4dawin#9807
5 Moaca Capital District 0.06 Premier Krabberz
6 Trustan 0.71 Premier Krabberz

Ministries of Moaca

The five Moacan ministries are the Ministry of Warfare, Population Demand, Property Affairs, Education, and Finance & Foreign Affairs. Ministry elections are in October.

Ministry Minister
Ministry of Warfare Vice Premier EggRollz
Ministry of Population Demand None
Ministry of Property Affairs None
Ministry of Education None
Ministry of Finance & Foreign Affairs Premier Krabberz


Main Article: Climate of the Federation of Moaca

Moaca was located in the region of the United States known as the "Deep South".

Climate data for Moaca (2022)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 63.5
Daily mean °F (°C) 49.3
Average low °F (°C) 62.4
Source no. 1: US Climate Data
Source no. 2: Weather Underground