Holy Violet Church

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Holy Violet Church
Eglise de la Sainte Violette

Founder Babou Chkaya
Founded 6 November 2016
Primate Babou Chkaya
Headquarters Oranje
Territory Popular Union of Occitania
Language French
Adherents 4

The Holy Violet Church was the official religion of the Popular Union of Occitania. The faithful believe that violets are the source of the power of the soul and believe that god is also a violet.

Saint book

The Saint book of the Holy Violet Church is the Violet Odyssey.

Practice of religion

Devotees call violet God in moments of doubt for advice or to ask a favor. Violets are respected while daisies are sacrificed at religious holidays. Violets can do miracles. If that happens, the violet becomes by his first name a saint.

The wafers are replaced by violet sweets. It should also eat one to convert.

Masses are held on Sundays. They begin with a prayer for the world. There Next is a reading of the Violet Odyssey. They end with a personal prayer.

List of saints

Religious holidays

Name Date Notes
Mother violet day 4 August Celebration of the violet god
Revelation day 6 November Revelation of this religion
Day of universal peace 9 January Begin of persecution against Nougara

List of churches

Kind of Church Place
Nougara Basilica Oranje, Occitania

Adherents by micronations

Micronation Adherents
Flaggyflag.png Occitania 3
EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares 1