Micronational religions

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Micronational religions are commonly nonserious, or made up by nonreligious micronations to mock religion. Micronational religions often have no true believers.



Allahbarism is the belief that Jack Allahbar is the almighty leader.

Status of Allahbarism

Micronation Category Status
 Quebec Religion Legal
Ikonia Religion Legal


Catism is the worship of cats.

Status of Catism

Micronation Category Status
Neo Askio Religion Official religion
Kaz Flag.jpg Kaz Religion Official religion


DeBruinism is the believe that long ago, a saint was born on Christmas day, Megan DeBruin. The holy god DeBruin, taught life, pain, death, and how life is worth living. DeBruinists also believe truth is eternal. DeBruinists seek the path of DeBruin, to reach a state of enlightenment and all knowing.

Statuses of DeBruinism

Micronation Category Status
 Baustralia Religion Legal[1]
 Ikonia Religion Legal (under circumstances)[2]
 Quebec Cult Illegal
 Rmhoania Religion Official religion




Micronation Category Status
TicronvidianHosamia.jpg Hosamia Religion Official religion




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  2. Religion Ruling 2-8-2019. Cameron I