Three pounds (Austenasian coin)

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Three pounds
Value3 pounds sterling
Mass20 g
Diameter38 mm
Thickness4 mm
CompositionZinc alloy
Years of minting2018

The Austenasian three pound (£3) coin is a commemorative coin minted by the Empire of Austenasia in celebration of its tenth anniversary in September 2018. One hundred coins were minted with a nominal value of three pounds sterling each, as the cost of production was roughly £300.

The coins are non-circulating legal tender as although legally valid currency within Austenasia and several nations with which Austenasia has established economic relations via treaty, the value of the coins as collectibles is far greater than their face value. Production of the coin was overseen by Jonathan I in collaboration with the then Chancellor, Lord Karl Friedrich, and help with design from the future Austenasian Prime Minister, Dionisiy Tezdzhan-Smahin.

The obverse of the coin shows a portrait of Emperor Jonathan I, based on a photograph taken of him on 5 September 2016. The portrait was primarily designed by an artist whose services were acquired via Fiverr, with some minor final edits made by the Emperor himself.

The reverse of the coin bears the inscription TEN YEARS SINCE THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, above the face value of £3. Both sides of the coin bear the inscription JONATHAN•I•AUSTENASIAE•IMP•AUT•ROMANORUM•2018•7527 around the edge, a Latin abbreviation meaning "Jonathan I, Austenasian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans, 2018/7527".

The coins arrived at Wrythe in August 2018, and were officially released on 1 September. Fifty of the coins were sold online by the Treasury to regain most of the money spent on their production, one was submitted to the Imperial Numismatic Museum, and one retained by the Treasury itself. Of the remaining forty eight, most were reserved to be sent as gifts to various Austenasian and foreign dignitaries; others were gifted to each guest at the Independence Day 2018 official celebration at Wrythe, and thereafter one was given to each new subject until the remaining coins ran out in February 2019.

The coin retained by the Treasury was placed within a time capsule that was buried beneath Wrythe Public Park in September 2023 to mark Austenasia's fifteenth anniversary.