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The coat of arms of the Great King in Carshalton, used to represent the sector as a whole.

The Carshalton Nations (prior to 2013 also Carshalton Sector and Carshalton Realms) is the term used since 2010 to describe the sector or "civilisation" of micronations based mainly in and around the British town of Carshalton. First used to describe Austenasian suzerainty over Orly and the Midgets, it became used to also refer retrospectively to the historical micronation of Rushymia as well. On 12 May 2012, Declan I, II & V formally recognised his leadership of these nations by adopting the title "Shahanshah ("King of the Kings") of the Carshalton Nations", a title since renamed to Great King in Carshalton and held ex officio by the Austenasian Monarch.

Other than the original kingdom of Rushymia (which was in many ways the predecessor of the Midget Empire), all of the Carshalton Nations have so far been linked by the involvement or influence of members of the House of Austen. The Carshalton Nations in their most inclusive definition are generally accepted to consist of:

The Slinky Empyre and Free State of Renasia have also had land claims bordered by Carshalton (Tincomarus Department and the Zone, respectively), but are not generally considered to have been part of the Carshalton Nations.



The first recorded micronational activity in Carshalton was in October 1995, with the foundation of Rushymia. This nation, based in Rushy Meadow Primary School, is very unlikely to have been known of outside of those immediately involved with it. Rusymia transitioned from a military dictatorship into an absolute monarchy before dissolving as a centralised government in September 2000, although autonomous cultural remnants of the micronation lasted until 2006 in the form of the Quietarians.


The Midget Empire, founded in September 2002, quickly took over the political vacuum left by the fall of Rushymia in Rushy Meadow. This stratocratic despotism - which, as with Rushymia, began to resemble an absolute monarchy more and more towards its end - lasted until September 2006, when central government quickly collapsed. Isolated political and cultural remnants remained until early 2007.


The period between early 2007, when the last remnants of the Midget Empire dissolved, and September 2008, when the Empire of Austenasia was founded, represent a "dark age" for micronationalism within Carshalton. Despite there being no active micronations, the memory of Rushymia and the Midget Empire remained, and ultimately helped to inspire the foundation of Austenasia.


The Empire of Austenasia was founded on 20 September 2008, and within six years had grown to an enormous extent, spreading throughout Great Britain and around the world. Austenasia inspired the foundation of Orly in 2010 and Wildflower Meadows in 2016, and annexed the Midget Nation-in-Exile (a micronation comprised of former members of the Midget Empire, founded in 2009) in April 2011.

Austenasia holds a certain pre-eminence over all three other Carshalton Nations - the Midgets, Orly, and Wildflower Meadows - ranging from the complete incorporation in the case of the former to mere military protection in the case of the latter. Since the Liberation of Orly, Austenasia has been viewed as the guarantor of the independence of the Carshalton Nations from outside interference.

The first time a large amount of British residents of Carshalton became aware of micronations in Carshalton was in January 2009, when the local newspaper (the Sutton Guardian) printed an article on the founding of the Empire of Austenasia. The following year, the number of locals with knowledge of Austenasia rose drastically; Sutton Council recognised the Austenasian nation in March 2010, the Austenasian Civil War resulted in over one hundred local students enlisting in either the Austenasian Army or Carolinian militias with many more becoming aware of the conflict, and in July that year the nation of Orly was founded by regular visitors of a local park after some of them were inspired by Austenasia to form their own nation.

in May 2011 local MP Tom Brake held a meeting with HIH Crown Prince Jonathan to discuss Austenasia's relations with the UK. This eventually led to another article about Austenasia being published in the local newspaper in September 2011. The Sutton Guardian published two more articles on Austenasia in February 2013 for the Coronation of Emperor Jonathan I and in July 2014 for the annexation of the Zone.