Vehicle registration plates of Wegmat

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An example of a Weg licence plate.

In Wegmat, license plates (commonly known as "number plates" or "vehicle registration plates") are the visual indications of motor vehicle, airplane, boat and bike registration. The license plates have been required for each vehicle and bike since 4 April 2019 when the April 4 Acts were written. Operating a vehicle within Wegmat without a license plate; unless the vehicle is registered outside of Weg borders.

Wegmat uses the international vehicle registration code 'WEG' - (province code). For example a vehicle in Essef would get 'WEG - ES'. National Government license plates that are operated by a ministry have the letter 'G' below the code. A provincial government vehicle has 'PG' below the code.

Registration plate numbers

Example of a Government license plate on The Royal Limousine

Each registration plate consists of 6 numbers, in the pattern order of (2 digit municipality)-(2 digit type of vehicle)-(2 digit and letter vehicle number). The first two digits indicates the municipality the vehicle is registered in, the second two digits indicate the type of vehicle it is (01 is a Bike, 02 is a automobile, 03 is a boat, 04 is an airplane and 05 is “other motor vehicle”), and the last two digits indicate the vehicle number and the letter indicates what province the list of vehicles is on. An example number would be 30 - 01 - 12E for a bike registered in West Oulu, New Finland.

List of Municipality Numbers

The Numbers of Municipalities follow the Wegmat Postal Service’s postal codes.