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—  Town of Austenasia  —
Country Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia
Established 29 January 2015
 - Representative Lord Sivert MacLean, Duke of Redcaster
 - Baron Lord Henry MacLean, Baron of Harenfall
 - Police Inspector Jeffrey MacLean
 - Total 6
Time zone UTC+1

Harenfall was a Town of the Empire of Austenasia situated in Scandinavia, founded on 29 January 2015 and dissolved on 27 June 2016. Harenfall was the largest Town of the Empire while part of Austenasia and consisted of two residential properties and an uninhabited island.

Harenfall had a population of six; a family unit of a couple and their four children. All six were Lutherans.

Harenfall was established as an Austenasian Town on 29 January 2015 after its population voted to leave Norway and join the Empire. Lord Sivert MacLean, Duke of Redcaster was appointed it's Acting Representative and was elected Representative in the August 2015 Austenasian local elections.

In the May 2016 Austenasian local elections the entirety of the Harenfall electorate voted to abstain in their vote for Representative, it having previously been arranged between Lord Sivert and Emperor Jonathan I that such a vote would be interpreted as a vote for a return of Harenfall to Norway. After discussions between Lord Sivert (now after the vote, only Acting Representative once more), the Emperor, and Prime Minister Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, it was agreed upon that Harenfall would be ceded back to Norway, with its population losing Austenasian nationality. This took place on 27 June 2016, with the passing of the Harenfall and Ionathanopolis Act 2016.