Ministry of Justice (Wegmat)

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Ministry of Justice
Court of Wegmat Laws
Logo of the Ministry
Date formed30 November 2018 (2018-11-30)
People and organisations
Head of governmentVincent C.
Deputy head of governmentCole B.
No. of ministers3
Election(s)5 November
Outgoing election5 November 2019
Budget(s)22,000 Gø

The Ministry of Justice runs the Courts and Law Enforcement in the Federal Union of Wegmat.


Each province administrates a court. In Essef the court is in Markonton; in Gliffork, Xavier; in Hilda, Isadora; in Cenwister, Fullerton and in New Finland, West Oulu. Then the supreme court in Two Pine The Ministry also administrates Federal Prisons such as Crystal Springs Federal Penitentiary, Two Pine Federal Penitentiary and Hilda Federal Penitentiary. Most felons will get an strange drink mixture that is not dangerous but tastes extremely unpleasent. The most common one being Vegemite mixed with water and ice.

Law Enforcement

The Wegmat Authority is the law enforcement of Wegmat. Usaully Daily or Weekly patrols happen by the Department to enforce these laws. After the felon is captured and taken into custody they will be taken to the provinces court or if it is a violent, treason or large financial crime they are taken to Two Pine’s court.