Die Fairgrassen!

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Die Fairgrassen!
Written by Charles of Grantabridge
Directed by Charles of Grantabridge
Edited by Charles of Grantabridge
Models created by and drawing drawn by Charles of Grantabridge
Starring Charles of Grantabridge
Voice editing by Charles of Grantabridge
Sets by Charles of Grantabridge
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Countries of origin Austenasia
United Kingdom
Language/dialect Roots English
Initial broadcast 22 January 2014 (original version)
4 July 2014 (modern version on YouTube)
5 July 2014 (modern version on (Grinning Kettles)

Die Fairgrassen! is an Austenasian stop motion animation that was created by Charles, Duke of Grantabridge. It is known for its surrealism, its reference to illegal drugs, and general oddity - it could be described as a 'corrupt fairytale'. Die Fairgrassen! is also a homage to Charles' ethnicity - it honours his Anglo-Saxon and English ethnicity by being quintessentially English in nature and by only using one word not of ultimate Anglo-Saxon origin (excluding the title), which is "castle", which honours Charles' Norman ancestry, as the Normans were great builders of castles in England and they were the ones who introduced the word into English, and Die Fairgrassen! honours Charles' German ethnicity by having a title which is in part German, and in part nonsense German. Such as with Bogeyshire, Die Fairgrassen! is available for viewing on Grinning Kettles.


The story is narrated by a cartoon chap who introduces himself as "Engelbert Hitler" and greets the viewer-listener/s. Engelbert Hitler says that there was once a castle with grass so light in colour that it was known as "Fair Grass Castle", although (due to the fact that it looked like it was crudely built out of cardboard) some called it "Badly Built Castle Which Looks Like It Is Made Out Of 'Board". One day four of the people of Fair Grass Castle stole some cannabis from a large creature Engelbert Hitler describes as "stoor" and "bloodthirsty". This creature, who is known as "Gordon Brown", was very angry at this, so it took a stab at attacking Fair Grass Castle and its inhabitants, to try to retrieve its cannabis. One inhabitant is seen trying to escape. By the end of the day on which Gordon Brown did this, all of the people of Fair Grass Castle were dead - even the one previously seen getting away. According to Engelbert Hitler, Gordon Brown never found his cannabis, and swiftly grew up to become a seller of heroin. The nonsensical moral of this story, in the words of Engelbert, is that "fast food is ruddy lousy".


The original "Die Fairgrassen!" (which credited Charles by his former pseudonym of "Theledir") was released on YouTube on 22 January 2014. It was going to be released earlier, in 2013, but Charles stopped working on it and didn't return to the project for a while. It was re-released, with updated credits, in July 2014, on both YouTube and Grinning Kettles.


The fans of Bogeyshire (Charles' animated web series) became fans of Die Fairgrassen! too - apparently transforming the small Bogeyshire fandom into a fandom of Charles' brand of surreal stop motion in its entirety (Bogeyshire had gained a small fandom, with many of its fans being in the micronational community due to Bogeyshire's identity as a micronational (primarily Austenasian) series).

More trivia

Die Fairgrassen! contains the models that portray Nathan Bedford Forrest, two other Bogeyshire Junkies and Child in Charles' web series of Bogeyshire. In Die Fairgrassen!, however, they are apparently portraying different characters, outside of the land of Bogeyshire.

The only named characters in Die Faigrassen! are called "Engelbert Hitler" and "Gordon Brown". The first name is a reference to Adolf Hitler, which, like the references to illegal drugs in the video, is a form of subtle black comedy. The second name is a reference to James Gordon Brown, another politician (who was the Prime Minister of Charles' native United Kingdom during a portion of Charles' childhood), which is a form of political satire (as the character of Gordon Brown is a bloodthirsty monster in Die Fairgrassen!). Gordon Brown the politician was also referenced in Charles' first stop motion animation, "Bobby the Alien", and in at least one other video of Charles' making.

The drawing which would become Engelbert Hitler in Die Faigrassen! was going to be featured in the unmade fourth episode of the original version of Bogeyshire. This Engelbert Hitler would have been the wise mentor to the hero, A Buggering Tooth, and would have been described as "magnificent" by the character of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Engelbert Hitler did end up appearing, after the two releases of Die Fairgrassen!, in the fourth episode of Bogeyshire that actually came to be - "Ashukovs to Ashukovs..." (which can be regarded as a sequel to Die Fairgrassen!, but only in the sense that it continues to look at the story of Engelbert Hitler).


The Grinning Kettles Cinema, where Die Fairgrassen! is broadcast.