Minister of Space Exploration (Austenasia)

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The Austenasian Minister of Space Exploration was a member of Cabinet who was in charge of attempts at space exploration by the Empire of Austenasia. By the Imperial Edict which created the position, the Minister of Space Exploration had the authority "to acquire and launch crafts in the name of the Empire with the aim of exploring the atmosphere of Earth and outer space". The position was abolished in September 2016, with its remit becoming the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence.

The position of Minister of Space Exploration was created by Emperor Jonathan I on 17 October 2014 for Lord Rear Admiral Evan Keller. The Minister did not run an official government ministry, but there were never-realised plans to create an Austenasian Space Agency. Plans to launch rockets from Iostan na Beithe in the summers of 2015 and 2016 also never materialised, and for the period during which the position of Minister of Space Exploration existed, it focused mainly on astronomy.

The ministerial position was dissolved by an Imperial Edict on 27 September 2016 by Jonathan I. Its functions and responsibilities were transferred to the Ministry of Defence.

List of Ministers of Space Exploration

Number Picture Name Political views Took office Left office Notes
01 Maclean.png Lord Rear Admiral Evan Keller, Duke of New Virginia Strong views on the progression of science and technology as the key to a strong nation. 17 Oct 2014 27 Sep 2016 Appointed Minister of Space Exploration under an Imperial Edict passed by Jonathan I. Planned to hold recorded rocket launches at Iostan na Beithe, but ended up being limited to astronomical observation. Lost position upon the dissolution of the office.