Virny II Cabinet

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Virny Cabinet
8th ministry of Sabia and Verona
Virny 2016.jpg
Date formed 1 October 2016
Date dissolved 22 May 2017
People and organizations
Head of government Shounn Virny
Head of state King Tarik
No. of ministers 9
Member party National Artists' Guild
Left Alliance
Status in legislature Coalition minority government
Opposition party The Liberals
Opposition leader Andrew Blackhorse
Election(s) 2016
Legislature term(s) 2nd Parliament (8th Legislature)
Previous Virny I
Successor Dargany

Prime Minister of Sabia and Verona Shounn Virny formed the second Virny Cabinet (Sabian: fetakshik kabinetta Virnas) following the 2016 general election held in September 2016. The cabinet is officially known as the 8th ministry or the Council of State of the 2nd Parliament, as it is the second cabinet to be formed under the 2015 constitution which created the Parliament of Sabia and Verona. The cabinet is formed by members of the National Artists' Guild, the Left Alliance and independents, as it is the result of a coalition between the NNS and the Left to form a minority government (short of a majority by a single seat).

It was preceded by the first Virny Cabinet, also formed by Virny, who lead the NNS to a supermajority in the 2015 general election.


The 8th ministry was preceded by the first Virny cabinet, which was formed by National Artists' Guild (NNS) leader Shounn Virny after his party's overwhelming victory in the 2015 general election. The NNS won a supermajority in the newly formed Parliament of Sabia and Verona, with 10 seats over rival party Unity's 3 seats. Thus, Virny formed a cabinet composed of only NNS ministers.[1]

The NNS's supermajority was broken when the Left Alliance abandoned the Treaty of Kotavari shortly after its merger with Bakinn, in May 2016.[2] The Virny government was allowed to govern with a simple majority, but as the 2016 general election approached, it was clear no NNS-led government would rule alone in majority. Polls suggested a Unity majority, or at least a grim outcome for the National Artists' Guild.[3][4]

Following the 2016 general election, the NNS and the Left Alliance formed a centre-left to left-wing coalition to form a minority government. Virny once again took the position of Prime Minister, while Left leader Apollo Cerwyn became Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of Foreign Affairs.[5]

Cabinet formation

Coalition negotiations started shortly after the announcement of the 2016 general election results. Though previous pre-election negotiations had taken place between the NNS and Unity, the Guild chose to negotiate with the Left Alliance following the election.[6][7]


Division Secretary Assumed
Council of the 2nd Parliament
Prime Minister    Shounn Virny 1 October
Incumbent N
Deputy Prime Minister Apollo Cerwyn 1 October
Incumbent R
Foreign Division
Defence Division Harmê Bertram 1 October
Incumbent N
Education Division Narcissus Clyne 1 October
Incumbent R
Arts Division Ryam Piper 1 October
Incumbent N
Home Division Kastor Gevras Drigy 1 October
Incumbent R
Botany Division Andreina Rossini 1 October
10 January
Dovedán Pashor 11 January
Commerce Division Snø Jens 1 October
Incumbent N
Welfare Division Anton Schubert-Moss 1 October
Incumbent N
DEX (Intelligence) Boris Tovinski 21 February
Incumbent N/A