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April 2024: 2023 Taipei IPSM micronational summit

Attendees of the 1st Inter-Pacific Summit of Micronations held in Taipei on 9 December 2023 and cohosted by the New Rubix Republic and Principality of Hershwell.

March 2024: Weg war trophy

A group of Weg soldiers pose with a Flag of Kapreburg as a war trophy following the Battle of the Highlands on 23 January 2022.

February 2024: Micronationalism in Guangzhou

In July 2023, Kichi members presented MicroWiki's "Micronation" article at the Guangzhou Expo.

January 2024: Chad Mans National Park

The Flag of Wegmat flies over Chad Mans National Park in northwestern Whynofly following the completion of Recreation Infrastructure Project Abba.

December 2023: Adammia four PMs

Adam I, Emperor of Adammia with four of Adammia's seven Prime Ministers, taken at Imperial City on Adammia's tenth Foundation Day on 15 April 2023. L-R: Emperor Mother Jayne (2013-2016); Lord Paul McKenna (2016-2017); Emperor Adam I; Prince Jake (2017); Lord Charles Michael (2019-2020, 2022-present).

November 2023: 2011 IGS Expedition

The 2 May 2011 expedition of the Imperial Geographical Society to Banstead Heath and Colley Hill.

April 2023: An Onopolissian Funicular trundles down the hill to Parliament House

Onopolissia's large network of funicular railways spans the hillsides of Capital State. First introduced in December 2022, the funiculars have become a lifeline to roadless communities on the hills.

March 2023: Lundenwic and Geovannian Flags raised for the Lundener Independence Day

The Government of the Geovannian Union placed the Flag of Lundenwic next to the Geovannian State Flag in the Capital on the occasion of Lundener Independence Day. Lundenwic was one of the first micronations to recognize Geovannia, officially establishing diplomatic relations on 21 October 2016.

December 2022: Imperial Wedding of Emperor Jonathan I and Princess Hannah

Taken at St. Mary's Church in Beddington, 5 November 2022, at the Anglican wedding service of Emperor Jonathan I and Princess Hannah, in the chapel during the signing of the register. L-R: Fr. Andrew Fenby, HIH Emperor Father Terry, Lord Timothy, HIM Emperor Jonathan I, the maid of honour, HI&SH Princess Hannah, other bridesmaids, HIH Crown Princess Caroline, HIM Emperor Adam I.

November 2022: Signing of treaty between Pibocip and Northwood-Oregon

Crown Prince Phillip of the Kingdom of Pibocip and Sovereign Carson I of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon signing a treaty of mutual recognition.

October 2022: Flag of Sealand at half mast

The flag of Sealand flies at half-mast from HM Fort Roughs in the hours following the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

September 2022: President and First Lady of Molossia receive honorary citizenship from Princess Cloe.

First Lady Adrianna Baugh and President Kevin Baugh of Molossia receive honorary citizenship from Princess Cloe on 6 August 2022.

August 2022: Wilson and Luke shaking hands

Austenasian Prime Minister William Wilson and Draculian President Stephen Luke shake hands after signing a treaty of mutual recognition on 2 July 2022.

July 2022: Austenasian Star on Imperial Residence

The Austenasian Star flying above the Imperial Residence.

June 2022: Turtle Island

A photo of Turtle Island, part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon, taken by Carson Snyder during the Second Turtle Island Expedition.

May 2022: Afton Water Livestock

A group of cattle sunbathing and eating grass during a summer evening in 2021, close to Freshland and the River Afton. Photograph taken by the Royal Fresh Air Force.

March 2022: James Murray ratifying the CA Charter

File:Murray CA Charter.jpg
A photo of James Murray ratifying the Charter of the Cupertino Alliance, 2021.

February 2022: Micronations.ca website launch

Launch of the Cupertino Alliance's micronations.ca website on 1 January 2022, using an iPad.

January 2022: Lake Snagov in the evening

A photo of Lake Snagov took in the evening by David Robert Davidovici, at the Cernograd Sovereign Raion.

December 2021: Original Cast of Taylor and Oats

A photo of the original cast of Taylor and Oats, a show written by and fully performed by Northwood-Oregonian Citizens. From left to right, Savanna Large, Carson Snyder, Alisha Marshall, and Grant Bruns.

November 2021: Jonas Rhymer in Delray

File:Jonas Rhymer in Delray.jpeg
Jonas Rhymer flying the flag of Wendatia after the annexation of Delray.

October 2021: Meeting between Varuna Sriraya and Farhaz Hazarika

File:Varuna Sriraya and Farhaz Hazarika on 14 September 2021.jpg
The meeting between Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya of Vishwamitra and the nation's newly appointed Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika on 14 September 2021.

September 2021: Isadora Woodworking

An independent woodworking station with a Weg flag in the city of Isadora, photographed in May 2021.

August 2021: New Llandudno square

New Llandudno Square, showing the signs pointing towards its sister cites in February 2020.

July 2021: International flags at New Llandudno

The flags of numerous foreign partners of Aenopia planted in the city of New Llandudno on 1 June 2021 (left to right; Posaf, Qaflana, Wegmat, Aenopia, Vishwamitra, and Ponderosa Hills).

June 2021: Handshake between Leon Montan and Sophia Albina

File:Handshake between Sophia Albina and Leon Montan.jpg
Ponderosan President Leon Montan shakes hands with former Prime Minister of New Virginia and former Citizen-Premier of Nordale, Sophia Albina, at a summit in Arastraville, Ponderosa Hills on 13 May 2021.

May 2021: Natalanian flag waving

A Natalanian flag made with a kerchief and paint waving in the back of Natlin's capital building in Wasusu.

April 2021: An island in the Aleunnic Empire

An island located in the Aleunnic Empire, photo taken during Operation Seebrecher in October 2020.

March 2021: Australissian Border

An image taken in Eastern Jarrahview, Australis, showing the border fence between Australis (left) and Australia (right).

February 2021: Snagovian visit to the newly established "New Moldova"

The President of the Snagovian Federal Republic making a visit to the newly established "New Moldova Oblast", along with his cousin, Sebastian. In the photo, Sebastian is holding the Snagovian flag.

January 2021: Nordalian state visit to New Virginia

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of New Virginia Dame Elizabeth Lewis shaking hands with Nordalian Citizen-Premier Sophia Albina during a diplomatic meeting in the City of Shoreline.

December 2020: Noyan IKEA pencil towers

The IKEA pencil towers at Noyan, Aenderia, built in 2017.

November 2020: A piece of paper with Leon Montan's face on it on Ellesmere station

The infamous photograph during the Ellesmere Expedition in which an Jayden Lycon from the Aenderian Coast Guard taped a piece of paper with the face of Leon Montan on Ellesmere station after a dare from MicroWiki@Discord taken 23 November 2019.

October 2020: William I and the Imperium Monument

Deputy Prime Minister of Austenasia, William Wilson, crouching in the Imperium Monument beside the Columna Passus Imperatori and in front of the Vallum Austenum on Austenasian Independence Day, following its completion.

September 2020: Candle Lit Service for Maria Birch

Candle lit service in Songo a day after the passing of Maria Birch and her unborn child.

August 2020: Bored polar bear at Lamb Sauce Universe

Polar bear during the colonization of the Aenderian overseas territory of the Lamb Sauce Universe, taken during summer 2019.

July 2020: Randouler's Forest

Aenderian Coast Guard ship C/F Nicholas Randouler and SV Niantic at Highland Creek with a portrait of Nicholas Randouler looking up to the flags of the US, Posaf, Millania, Iustus, Aenderia, Essexia, the Abeldane Empire, New Eiffel, Verus, and Auvenum, micronations that Nicholas contributed to or founded, honouring and celebrating his contributions and roles to the micronational community.

June 2020: Shiro and Ramsay

File:Shiro and Gordon.jpg
Emperor Shiro of Zenrax poses with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

May 2020: Aenopian Teme underwater

The territory of Aenopian Teme submerged under floodwater as a result of Storm Ciara in February 2020.

April 2020: Bluebonnet

The first Bluebonnet bloom in Gradonia of 2020.

March 2020: An unnamed protestor in Grey Square, Hui City

File:Plastic Protest.jpg
Protesters in Orientia wearing plastic bags over their heads, nicknamed “Plastic Heads”, took to the streets to “reveal the true corruption of the government”. The riots ended after Orientian Riot Police (ORP) were called in to combat the Plastic Heads.

February 2020: Turtle Creek, Turtle County

A picture of the Turtle Creek captured two days after declaring independence, taken by future Prince of Posaf, Henry Rydina.

January 2020: Second Highland Expedition

Aenderian Coast Guard ship SV Niantic travels through the Highland Creek river in the State of Noyan during the Second Highland Expedition on 1 December 2019.

December 2019: Colonization of Aaron Island

Colonization of Aaron Island in a cold Toronto day, being Aenderia's first fully visited and colonized territory.

November 2019: Sušice Summit attendees

Attendees of the Summit of Czech and Slovakian Micronations 2019, hosted by Gymnasium State in September 2019 as the second in-person event of the Czech sector.

October 2019: Inauguration of James Ellis

Inauguration of James Ellis as Prime Minister of Phokland on 5 October 2018.

September 2019: 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit attendees

Attendees of the GUM Birmingham Summit, which took place on 28 June 2019, was hosted by the Grand Unified Micronational. It had twelve attendees.

August 2019: 2012 LIR Union summit attendees

Attendees of the LIR Union summit, the only successful intermicronational summit in the Indonesian Sector, which took place on 10 August 2012. From left to right: Mustafa Hakim of Indokistan, Rayhan Haikal of Raflesinesia, and Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman of Los Bay Petros.

July 2019: Diplomabear in York

Diplomabear pictured with micronational leaders at a pub in York. From left to right: Prime Minister of Wazakhstan Ned Hilton, former Prime Minister of Adammia Lord Helliker, Emperor of Adammia Adam I, Tsar of Nolland Thomas I, and First Minister of Nolland Princess Chelsea.

June 2019: Liberation of Orly

A photograph of Emperor Jonathan I taken during the Liberation of Orly on 24 June 2013. The Emperor is signing an Act of Parliament officially recognising the restoration of the independent Kingdom of the Grove and Kingdom of Copan.