Inter-Pacific Summit of Micronations

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Logo of the 2023 Taipei IPSM Summit.

The Inter-Pacific Summit of Micronations (IPSM) is an annual micronational summit and the first summit of international nature between Asian and Oceanian micronationalists. Conceptualised in October 2023, IPSM was created following a meeting between Pio Lowe and Justin Tsai in Taipei, Taiwan as a venue to promote the development of Inter-Pacific relations and to create exposure for Asian and Oceanian micronations to those in Europe and the United States.

The first summit was held in Taiwan with a second smaller meet up in Hong Kong under the IPSM banner. IPSM provides the opportunity for micronationalists from different communities to engage with each other in a physical setting which serves a dual role in affirming the active interest of attendee micronations in the development of relations due to the greater significance of physical contact compared to digital correspondence.


IPSM summits follow a predetermined agenda allowing for more effective communication and deliberation on ideas providing structure to discussions. Before the summit commences attendees are provided with the opportunity to greet and socialise. Following the completion of all items on the agenda, a period for the presentation of awards and photographs is given before the conclusion of the summit.

Meanwhile, IPSM meetups provide a more informal and casual opportunity for attendees to meet micronationalists from other communities and typically occur at a smaller scale than the summits.

List of Summits & Meetups

Name Attendee nations
2023 Taipei IPSM Summit
2023 Hong Kong IPSM Meetup
Stamp commemorating the 2023 Taipei IPSM summit.

Planned summits

The 2nd Inter-Pacific Summit of Micronations is scheduled to take place on July 27th, 2024 in Sydney, Australia. It will be hosted by the New Rubix Republic and will be the first micronational summit to take place in Australia since PoliNation 2010. An official Facebook group has been created to coordinate organisation and publish announcement and information relating to the summit. Famed micropatriologist Harry Hobbs, author of Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty, is planned to give a presentation on micronational postage.

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