Operation Seebrecher

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Operation Seebrecher
Part of the Tungsten-MACP War

Standard of the Loyal 1st Infantry Regiment
DateOctober 27th, 2020
Result Decisive Wohlstander victory, surrender of the Aleunnic Empire
State of Falletree Aleunnic Empire
Commanders and leaders
Hunt Powell Unknown, presumed to be King Saxen
Units involved
Loyal 1st Infantry Regiment None
1 0

Operation Seebrecher was the invasion of the Aleunnic Empire by the State of Falletree. The operation was a part of the Tungsten-MACP War.


Fredrick M., Chancellor of Ausveria, announced on 23 October 2020 that the Tungsten Pact declared war on the Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact, abbreivated MACP.[1] In response, the Aleunnic Empire declared war on 25 October,[2] mobilizing a so-called People's Army on 26 October.[3]


Operation Seebrecher began at approximately 12:30 EST, when the Loyal 1st Infantry Regiment, commanded by Hunt Powell, crossed into Aleunnic territory from the south, beginning the invasion. Around 13:15 EST, the invasion force reached the southern tip of the Aleunnic island chain, and then proceeded to march toward the northernmost point of the island chain, which was taken at approximately 13:40 EST; following this, the invasion force withdrew back to Falletree.


The Aleunnic Empire officially surrendered around 21:29 EST.[4] Following the surrender, the Aleunnic Empire was replaced with the Providence River Occupied Zone, which is under the control of the Wohlstander Staatsheer.

Wohlstander Description of the Islands

Infantry Standard at the southernmost point of the island, a pocket-sized New Testament and a pocket knife are visible

Throughout the invasion a large amount of things were discovered by the invading force, mainly regarding the condition of the Aleunnic Empire. The land itself is full of litter and graffiti, with a good amount of expletives sprayed all over the rocks. Another thing that was noticed was the area itself was uninhabitable, with vegetation and rocks showing that the island was prone to flooding. The fact that a large amount of garbage and litter can be found throughout the Aleunnic Empire combined with the fact that it's situated right next to the Providence River, it can be assumed that the pollution rate is extreme. Various drugs and other stimulants were also found in the surrounding area. All of these factors indicate that the Aleunnic Empire is one of the poorest and most dangerous micronations, and is overall completely unsustainable for long-term inhabitation. Hunt P. himself described the area as "Utterly contemptible and is one of the worst micronations you could ever possibly live in."

Phrases on Graffiti

The following are a list of phrases found engraved or painted in the Aleunnic Empire, many are presumed to be gang related and most are expletive. Many are notably anti-police and pro-BLM.

Phrase Notes
Cmilk N/A
FAG Vandal whom sprayed this also made the Stewie Griffin mural
AF.EF.T Meaning unknown
Chicken N/A
LONG LIVE ATES Presumed to be an individual or gang
JUNE 2020 N/A
I love rick Another vandal sprayed a D so the phrase would be I love dick