Sabioveronese general election, 2012

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Sabioveronese general election, 2012

Flag of Sabia and Verona.png
23 December 2012
→ May 2013

All 20 seats to the Legislative Courts
11 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 92%
  First party Second party
  BleuberrieJun2013.jpg Okoversz.png
Leader Napoléon Bleuberrie Osez Kóvérsz
Party Socialist Party Unity Party
Leader's seat Saint Enric Caenia
Seats won 9 11
Seat change 3 3
Popular vote 17 29
Percentage 36.9% 67.4%

Prime Minister before election

Napoléon Bleuberrie
Socialist Party

Prime Minister-designate

Osez Kóvérsz
Unity Party

Sabia and Verona held its first parliamentary election on 23 December 2012, alongside Juclandia. The Prime Minister at the time, Napoléon Bleuberrie, had been elected at the first meeting of the Courts of Sabia and Verona. Two parties participated in the election: the Socialist Party and the Unity Party.

The Unity Party, a new liberal conservative party founded in November 2012 (just a month before the election) rose to victory as its candidate, Osez Kóvérsz, led it to a majority in the Courts, becoming Prime Minister. The Socialist Party had held the advantage as it was the party in government, and the results were a great shock for many, including government officials.[1]. Kóvérsz and his cabinet took office on 1 January 2013.