Farhan Abdurrahman

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Farhan Abdurrahman
Farhan in 2010
1st and 5th President of Indokistan
In office
20 September 2010 - 16 September 2011
Predecessor Office created
Successor Dicky L. K.
In office
5 January 2015 - 5 July 2016
Predecessor Rayhan Haikal
Successor Office abolished
Governor of Central Indokistan
In office
June 2012 - 5 July 2016
Adviser of the President of Indokistan
In office
16 September 2011 - 16 October 2011
Personal information
Born 1997 (age 25–26)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Citizenship Indokistan
Nationality Indonesia
Political party Peoples Social Party (2011)
United People's Party (2011-2013)
Independent (after 2013)
Religion Islam

Farhan Abdurrahman is an Indokistani retired politician famously known as the first and final President of Indokistan. He was one of the founders of the country in 2010, together with Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan. Beside on his position as president, he was also the governor of his home state Central Indokistan until July 2016.

A very important figure inside Indokistan, he was one of the architect that cemented foundation of many incarnation of Indokistan until its dissolution. His consistency to contribute to Indokistan despite of obstacles and challenges was widely praised.

Intermicronationaly, he was a respected representative member for Indokistan on AIM, and his political views are notable among others, some said he is comparable with Lintang Matahari Hasan with more moderate tone. Arkaporean Islamist leader, Tian Abdurrahman, even recognise him as a "rival" due to arguments they both often experienced. After Indokistani dissolution, he decided to fully retired from micronational world, but promising to keep watch on micronational activity development.

Micronational career

First presidential term

He was the first people to declared the official name for his newly-formed country "Indokistan". Contributing much on the establishment and early management of Indokistan, he agreed to sign the proclamation text. He was later appointed president through discussions between founders of Indokistan under meritocratic basis.

Under his reign on the First Republic, he guiding many milestones and developments on national politics and culture. His term was interrupted by emergence of short-lived Socialist Republic of Indokistan. His opposition to the Socialist Republic fueled the spirit of Indokistani citizens to fight the communist government that ended in January Revolution, which he was immediately restored as president after the success fo the revolution.

On February 2012, he authorized the process of publishing information of Indokistan to the world, especially MicroWiki, thus starting the era of true micronationalism in Indokistan. On this era also, a form of personality cult was developed around him, especially on the formation of Farhangrad Parliament, bearing his name.

His first term oversaw threats that Indokistan faced because of neighboring micronation of Ntolia and Nameless. On March 2011, Indokistan-Ntolian War was started after Ntolian troops ambushed the capital city Jumstraad. On the same period, four Indokistani ministers left the country to join Nameless, triggering the Nameless Betrayal incident, brings down the developing country more. Despite of those attacks, he successfully upholds the moral of the citizens, avoiding chaos and saving the country.

He authorized the formation of United Peoples Party in June 2011 as his effort on simplify the parliament composition and power, starting single-party era inside the Republic.

He accepted his end of term in office in September 2011, when he finally replaced by Dicky L. K., his vice president, as his successor.

Activist for Indokistan

After his end of term in office, Prime Minister Nabil Ihsan decided to appoint him as the presidential adviser on 16 September 2011, with advisory function to support the president, and also the prime minister. This appointment was to appease Indokistani public that still has a high confidence on Farhan and expectation that he could remain influential on government affairs despite holds no essential political offices.

Farhan suddenly turned hostile against and denounced Nabil and Indokistan as a whole in October 2011, with several observer claims that his personal issue may influence his behaviour. Farhan later declared his departure from Indokistan few days later. This incident caused a great humiliation on Nabil, in fury declared a policy of damnatio memoriae against Farhan in 16 October. The decision later became a great blunder inside Indokistan, with critics immediately surfaced, even from the neighbouring Los Bay Petros, that resulting on its cancellation. After successfully controlling his personal issue, Farhan later returned to micronationalism and his name was rehabilitated in early of 2012, again contributing for Indokistan as an advisor for the president, despite without any official title. His first position after regaining his credibility inside the country beside unofficial position of advisor, was the Ambassador for Los Bay Petros and UMSSR.

Throughout the period of 2012 until 2014, he had a very great influence inside Indokistan despite had doesn't hold any vital political offices. He was the first people to trigger the process to execute the first and only amendment of the 2011 constitution in January 2012. On February 2012, he was supportive on the dissolution of Indokistan Armed Forces, yet peoples were against him as the motion to dissolve the armed forces inside 2012 referendum was failed. He created new anthem of Indokistan, Berjayalah Indokistan, and votes inside the National Forum favoured his composition on December 2013. In July 2014, he attended the first state meeting of the Federal State in Suwarnakarta.

Second presidential term

On new system of presidential voting made during 2014 election, he gained 75% of votes, which made him the fifth President of Indokistan. His second term was welcomed by micronational leaders, and enthusiastic mood was also showed inside the country. On April 2015, he authorized the process to make Indokistani direct democracy as a distinct political system by codifying it.

On the last time of the Federal State, he was one of the most consistent member of the National Forum to attend the session, with almost no abstention was made - especially because of his position as leader. Led the dying country, he unprecedentedly supported proposal to dissolve the country on June 2016, with himself signed the dissolution decree. He then admit that his time with Indokistan was enough, after declaring that his home state Central Indokistan will be dissolved after 5 July, and reviewing on his remarks on the dissolution published on 25 June. After the dissolution, he took full retirement on micronational activities, but promised to keep in touch on micronational activities development and members of micronational community.

Political views

He was considered a left-libertarian and market socialist. He was known to be the opponent of the government action to increase the government intervention in various affairs in Indokistan. A supporter of direct democracy and non-partisan politics, he insists the important of the people's freedom without excessive intervention from the government.

He also known to opposes the action of the government to increase the grip to the economic affairs in Indokistan, which made he to issue a statement to asks the government to lend the ownership of all business to the people in a form of syndicates by regulations from government. His statement was unanimously supported by national forum, and now become the base of economical activities (especially on the government role on private-owned businesses) and become the core part of the economy clause inside the constitution.

Speeches and Remarks

Farhan Abdurrahman was known as a good orator and already made many speeches throughout his political career inside Indokistan. On his first term of presidency, he was known to made three televised presidential speeches. On his second term in 2015, he decided to no longer record his speech in television, and instead relying only in remarks made in written paragraphs published on newspaper.

On March 2011, he deliver his most famous speech condemning foreign intervention in Libyan Civil War. On his speech, he showed his support to Gaddafi government and denounced the foreign invasion to Libya, on which he called it as "an act to find new source of oil". This speech gained many praises and criticisms, but widely accepted in Indokistan, which was seen as a braveful act.

..the United States thinks that they are the only one who will brings peace and democracy in Libya...but they only wanted their large oil fields. The United States may fool the world, but they cannot fool Indokistan,..

On the same period, he also made a speech condemning Ntolians during Indokistan-Ntolian War. On this speech, he accused Ntolians as barbaric and imitating Indokistan success. This speech successfully raised Indokistani citizens moral to defend the country against Ntolian invaders.

He made his last televised speech as a farewell after Inauguration of Dicky L. K. in 16 September 2011. On that speech, he was very delighted and happy to serve Indokistan, he was also happy to accept the new president, Dicky L. K., but sad because he can no longer work for the peoples as president. In the end of the speech, he congratulate the new president and wishes him good luck.

On his second term as president, he already made remarks on success of codification process of Indokistani direct democracy in April 2015, second anniversary of the Federal State of Indokistan in July 2015, and his last was on the dissolution of Indokistan made in June 2016.


Awarded by Indokistan government
Political offices
Preceded by
Office Created
President of Indokistan
20 September 2010 - 13 September 2011
Succeeded by
Dicky L. K.
Preceded by
Office created
Governor of Central Indokistan
March 2013 - 5 July 2016
Succeeded by
Office abolished
Preceded by
Rayhan Haikal
President of Indokistan
January 2015 - 5 July 2016
Succeeded by
Office abolished
Party political offices
Preceded by
Helmi Dwi R
Chairman of the Communist Party of Indokistan > Peoples Social Party > United People's Party
November 2010 - August 2012
Succeeded by
Position abolished