Sorrenian National Party

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Sorrenian National Party
Plaid Genedlaethol Sorrenian
LeaderDamian Billbrough
Ideology • Centrism
 • Fascism
 • National Unity
Official coloursGold
CountrySorrenian Flag.jpg Sorrenia

The Sorrenian National Party or SNP was a short lived party that openly espoused National Unity and Centrism. Many however, such as members of the Communist Party of Sorrenia accused the party of being fascist.


The party was initially founded by Damian Billbrough, who left the other right-wing party in Sorrenia; the Party for Freedom and Democracy due to an internal dispute.

Damian stated that he hoped to create unity between the left and right, two notoriously vehement elements of Sorrenian politics. Although he never labelled the party as 'fascist', many others did, such as Jonathan Bunch of the CPSF. Damian however did say that "Fascism is not what Mussolini created, it is not authoritarian", leading the party to be widely labelled as a utopian fascist party.

The party never gained the widespread support Damian wanted, due to the fact that he was previously a strong opponent of socialism. Neither the left or right strongly supported the party, and only one other Sorrenian (Devon Jonathan Kearney) joined. Damian dissolved the party two weeks after its formation, and rejoined the Party for Freedom and Democracy (however went on to join the Sorrenian Union of Fascists and National Socialists).