Sorrenian Party for Freedom and Democracy

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Sorrenian Party for Freedom and Democracy
LeaderTrystan Cline
Founded24 August 2014
Ideology • Classical Liberalism
 • Social Conservatism
 • Sorrenian Nationalism
 • Team Sorrenia
National affiliationOpposition of Sorrenia
National Assembly
2 / 15
Executive Assembly
1 / 12
Country Sorrenia

The Party for Freedom and Democracy was a Sorrenian Center-Right Political Party. It was founded on 24 August 2014, the party was based on the ideals of Social Conservatism, Classical Liberalism, and Sorrenian Nationalism. The Sorrenian Party for Freedom and Democracy had stated the intent to try and push for a smaller Communistic/Socialistic Bias in the Government, as well as a push for Market Reforms.


This party was originally led by Jacob Lewis, but following his self-exile from Sorrenia, the two deputies of the FDP, Damian Billbrough and Trystan Cline replaced him as co-leaders. Since its creation, the party has shifted slightly to the left, adopting a centre-right view, although it continues to be considered "the right wing" of Sorrenian politics. The PFD then chose to align with smaller left-wing parties such as the New Democratic Party and Sorrenian Commonwealth Party.

After Damian Billbrough left to join the Sorrenian Union of Fascists (and later the NDP), Trystan Cline became the sole leader of the party.


According to some, the PFD has continued to decline in size and notoriety since its creation. After the December Elections, the party only had 2 seats with 3 registered members, and Trystan Cline, the leader became inactive in Sorrenian politics. The party however does continue to speak on Sorrenian issues.


Trystan Cline - Joint President of Sorrenia
Nathan Lucas - National Assembly Whip
Damian Billbrough - Governor of Great Lumley
Devon Jonathan Kearney
Jason Hale