Conflicts involving Sorrenia

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Kozlovan Civil War

Kozlovan Civil War
DateJanuary 2013 - February 2013
Status Decisive Rebel victory
 • Kozlova disbanded
 • Sorrenia formed
Kozlova flag.png Kozlova My flag 2.png Yavaria
Aztoka.JPG Aztoka
Commanders and leaders
President of Kozlova Llewelyn Lawton
Lewis Wild

Sorrenia was predated by the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova, a communist nation founded in June 2012. As time went on, the non-communist citizens became frustrated at Kozlova's identity as a communist state. Upon the leaving of several key government officials at the end of 2012, dissident Kozlovans founded the nations of Yavaria and Aztoka, which acted more so as voices for dissidence rather than independence movements.

As time progressed, the Kozlovan government realised that the status quo was not sustainable, and so they met rebel forces and came to an agreement, disbanding Kozlova and forming the Sorrenian Federation. As a result, Yavaria and Aztoka were also disbanded.

Gran Paisan Conflict

Gran Paisan Conflict
Date14–16 December 2013, 9–10 January 2014
Gran Pais
Status Decisive Sorrenian victory
 • Gran Pais joins the Sorrenian Federation
Gran Pais Flag.png Republic of Gran Pais
 • Kingdom of Catan (9-10 January)
Sorrenian flag.png Sorrenian Federation
 • USP
 • Kingdom of Catan (14-16 December)
Commanders and leaders
Devon Jonathan Kearney
King James I of Catan
President of Sorrenia
Emmanuel Terranova
King James I of Catan

The Gran Pais conflict was a civil conflict in 2014 which was initially between the Unified Socialist Party of Gran Pais (USP) (supported by the Sorrenian Federation and the Kingdom of Catan) and the Gran Paisan government, ending with the dissolution of Gran Pais and its annexation by Sorrenia. The conflict then became a territorial dispute between Sorrenia and Catan - the latter of which is now know to have been a fictional "sockpuppeting" entity with only a single individual - over who would control Gran Pais.

After the USP successfully ousted President Kearney with the help of Sorrenia and Catan, they formed a new republic under the direct rule of Sorrenia. Several weeks later, King James I of Catan claimed that Gran Pais had been granted to him, however evidence to the contrary quickly disproved this notion.

After the conflict, Gran Pais remained part of the Sorrenian Federation for almost all of its history, with one brief attempt at independence. In 2018, Ronald I of Sorrenia revoked Sorrenia's claim to Gran Pais.

Akebarian Civil War

Akebarian Civil War
DateJune 2015 - July 2016
Akebar, Sorrenia
Status Decisive Rebel victory
 • King Kennedy Deposed
 • Republic of Akebar formed
Flag of Akebar.png Kingdom of Akebar Flag of Akebar.png Republic of Akebar
Sorrenian Flag.jpg Sorrenian Federation
Commanders and leaders
King Joseph Kennedy I Robert of Akebar
Sorrenian President

The Kingdom of Akebar was formed in early 2015, and was located in very close proximity to Sorrenia, including one enclave completely surrounded by Sorrenia to its east.

As time progressed, key members of Akebar vocalised their discontent with the Akebarian King, Joseph Kennedy who was located thousands of miles away in the United States. After some deliberation, Akebarian rebels let by Robert of Akebar sent an ultimatum to the King, demanding he immediately step down from the throne and relinquish any claim to Akebar.

The ultimatum was met by jeers and accusations of disloyalty. The King stated that he would never relinquish his crown. As a result of this unwavering stance, Akebarian rebels asked Sorrenia for support.

After a speech from the Sorrenian President, the nation declared its support for the rebels. A joint operation of the Sorrenian Revolutionary Army and Akebarian rebels was held in East Sorrenia; beginning with a video response to the King, troops then proceeded to march on Akebar to the south.

After a poll was released, showing that the King was the only supporter for continuation of the monarchy, he acquiesced and entered into talks with the rebel forces. Eventually, he agreed to their terms and the Republic of Akebar was formed.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

War of the Sorrenian Succession
Date: 30 March 2018 - 4 April 2018
Place: Sorrenia, Amon Lasgalen, Dradelia
Status: Royalist victory
 • Formation of the Kingdom of Sorrenia
 • Forced takeover of Dradelia and Morgannwg
 • Continued Insurgency in Dradelia
11111Stan.jpg State of Sorrenia EresamianFlag2.png Student's State of Eresamia Sorreniaflagnew.png New Monarchists

Sorreniaflagnew.png Old Monarchists

Sorrenian flag.png Socialist League

Anarchist.png Workers Councils

VRD Flag.png Dradelian National Army St David and Piran's cross.png Morgannwgydd Royal Army
King Ronald Harold Stampland Robert of Sorrenia Llewelyn of Morgannwg
0 0 0 0

Almost two years passed after the coup, with the State of Sorrenia claiming unchallenged de jure sovereignty, with little active control over the Sorrenian mainland. Several of the 'pit villages' in Sorrenia had formed workers councils, who increasingly began to vocalise their opposition to the State of Sorrenia. In March 2018, the Sorrenian Socialist League was formed, largely consisting of the workers councils and remnants of the Sorrenian Workers Party who had rejected the leadership's call to abandon the Sorrenian project.

Steadily, the Socialist League gained stead and took several key surrounding villages, while Erasamian forces ostensibly held the centre.

Over time, the State of Sorrenia lost several key battles, removing them almost completely off mainland Sorrenia. This increasingly allowed the League to assume control over more and more of Sorrenia. In response to this, a man named Ronald (later becoming King Ronald) organised those areas of Sorrenia opposed to a return to socialism. The various right-wing localities, combined with the remnants of the Monarchist Party and many liberals and centrists created the Royal Army of Sorrenia and sought to take control over West and North Sorrenia, as the League took all of East and South Sorrenia.

Eventually, the monarchists secured Bernicia, and used the armaments stored there to re-equip the Royal Army. By mid March, they stormed several League strongholds, ending the Siege on Durham, and immediately launched a counter-offensive, taking the Socialist capital of New Havana in Bowburn.

The League's maintained support in South Dradelia angered both the Kingdom of Sorrenia and the now independent Province of Dradelia which broke away peacefully during the collapse of the Sorrenian Federation.

On April Fool's Day 2018, the Dradelian Army stormed Horden. Casualties were low (sources reported a failed attack with a rocket), however the Kingdom of Sorrenia used it to justify an invasion of Dradelia, citing the defence of Sorrenian citizens and a restatement of Sorrenia's historic right to Dradelia.

Upon the Sorrenian invasion, Dradelian forces were immediately withdrawn from Horden, but were attacked upon their leaving. Once the army reached the battlefield in Easington, they were already tired and wet, due to the poor weather conditions. As a result, the Sorrenian Royal Army defeated them with ease, and proclaimed sovereignty over all of Dradelia.

Upon the invasion of Dradelia, the mobilised Morgannwgydd Royal Army entered the South, seizing almost all of Bowburn and Ertawa.

They retained control over South Sorrenia, and stated that the Kingdom must relinquish all claims to Dradelia. By the third of April, Sorrenian forces were trickling in, returning from the Dradelian Front. King Ronald personally led an attack on Morgannwgydd forces in Ertawa, steadily pushing them back. By the end of the day, Sorrenian troops had control of Eryn Galen. By the fourth of April, the Morgannwgydd Royal Army abandoned Bowburn and returned to their Kingdom, but were decisively defeated.

After this, King Ronald declared a complete victory, and restored Sorrenia's claim to the Kingdom of Morgannwg (renamed Amon Lasgalen).

Sorrenian Insurgency

War of the Sorrenian Succession
Date: 4 April 2018 - Ongoing
Place: Kingdom of Sorrenia
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia Sorrenian flag.png Socialist League VRD Flag.png Dradelian Revolutionary Front
King Ronald Various Leaders Robert of Dradelia
0 0 0