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Aztoka was a short-lived rebel movement, formed with the intention to either secede from the communist micronation of Kozlova or instigate a regime change.

Aztoka worked alongside Yavaria, a similar rebel micronation located to its north.

The flag of Aztoka

After months of Kozlova stagnating, more citizens began to join the two rebel movements. At their zenith, around half of Kozlovan territory was in rebel hands. Eventually the government and rebels successfully negotiated an agreement, disbanding Kozlova and forming the new Sorrenian Federation, with a new impartial constitution and a removal of all formal references to communism.

The Aztokan and Yavarian identity remain in the form of the Mezerizeb people, a small ethnic group located in Dunelm and Bernicia in the Kingdom of Sorrenia. The Mezerizeb people retain several core elements of the Aztokan/Yavarian identity - a firm belief in independence, an opposition to ideological government and a respect for religion and tradition.