Unified Socialist Party of Gran Pais

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Unified Socialist Party of Gran Pais
LeaderEmanuel Terranova
HeadquartersLurako City
Ideology • Democratic Socialism
 • Marxism
 • Revolutionary Socialism
 • Bolivarianism
 • Egalitarianism
National affiliationGran Pais Flag.png Gran Pais
Official coloursYellow,Red

The Unified Socialist Party was a revolutionary movement founded by Emanuel Terranova, founded in retaliation to President Devon Jonathan Kearney's warmongering. The party was named such due to the unification of Gran Paisan and Sorrenian Communists, who joined together to force the President out of office. Before it's dissolution (which occurred due to the Gran Paisan conflict ending), the party held 5/13 seats in the Gran Paisan Congress.

Gran Paisan Conflict

Gran Pais was founded by Devon Jonathan Kearney and Emanuel Terranova. Describing itself as a "Republic", the nation was in reality ruled by Devon Kearney alone, with members of the Congress acting as advisors to the President. The nation grew in prominence due to its Imperialist actions, in which the President declared war on several foreign Micronations. This culminated with a declaration of war on the Sorrenian Federation, a much larger Micronation located in North East England. Devon Kearney was very forward with his intentions, admitting that the "invasion" was an imperialist action.

Emanuel Terranova, the then Vice President of Gran Pais decided that Kearney's actions needed to be stopped; he therefore founded the Unified Socialist Party. The party actively campaigned against Kearney's actions, eventually leading him to extradite the USP's members. This severely weakened Gran Pais however, and just hours later, Kearney attempted to resolve the issue. Terranova refused to rejoin Gran Pais, causing Kearney to become isolationist, forming a new dictatorship in Gran Pais. This was short lived however, due to a lack of support, from both the intermicronational community and the people of Gran Pais.

On January the 6th, the President was forced out of power, after signing a short agreement, making Gran Pais a Territory of Sorrenia. This act was supported by many other Micronations, such as Catan (another nation whom Gran Pais declared war on), who viewed it as "a necessary action to end Gran Paisan aggression".

Catan however later declared that Gran Pais had in fact been handed to them. The President of Sorrenia quickly ended this dispute, providing a signature from Kearney proving that it was given to Sorrenia. In relation to Catan's actions, a neutrality act was signed by the Sorrenian National Assembly, ending Sorrenia's alliance with Catan (which had come about due to the Gran Paisan warmongering).