Sorrenian Federal Territory of East Sorrenia

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East Sorrenia
ESC Flag.pngNew Emblem.png

Rhannwyd unedig ydym yn sefyll, yr ydym yn syrthio (United we stand, divided we fall)
Highland Cathedral
Capital city Sherburn Village
Largest city Sherburn Village
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name East Sorrenia
Demonym East Sorrenian/Sorrenian
Government Semi-Autonomous Sorrenian State
- President Miles of Sorrenia (USWP)
- Prime Minister Harry of Sorrenia (SPP)
- Governor Richard of Burnham (SCP)
Legislature National Assembly
- Type - Unicameral Elective Assembly
Established 07/10/13
Area claimed 0.09km2
Population 31,000 residents (no knowing citizens)
Currency Sorrenian Dollar
British Pound
Time zone GMT
is a State of the Sorrenian Federation
Map of Sorrenia

Founded on the 7th of October, 2013, East Sorrenia is a state of the Sorrenian Federation, and one of the most recent expansions of claimed land. It is governed by Governor Richard of Burnham and as a state, must obey Sorrenian law and decrees.