Prime Minister of the Sorrenian Federation

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President of the Sorrenian Federation
Sorrenian Flag.jpg
Miles of Sorrenia

since 25/08/15
Term length6 Months

The Prime Minister of the Sorrenian Federation is the Head of Government, responsible for leading the Executive Assembly, and appoints all Ministers in the Assembly. The position was initially voted upon by a popular vote, however this changed during the institution of the Sorrenian Constitution, granting the President the right to appoint a Sorrenian to the office of Premiership.

The Prime Minister was created as an office shortly after the creation of President, and was the first office to exist in Sorrenia that did not exist in the nation's predecessor - Kozlova.

Lewis Wild won the initial election on behalf of the Liberty Party, winning the seat 3:1. Since then, there has been four Prime Ministers of Sorrenia: Lewis Wild, Emanuel Terranova, Matthew Bollands and Harry of Sorrenia.

Wild's term is generally viewed as a mixed leadership. Although many advances were made in cultural growth, and the stability of the early state, little progress was made legislatively - the term was abruptly ended after Wild left Sorrenia (although he later rejoined), causing President Miles of Sorrenia to appoint Terranova.

Terranova's two terms are seen as positive by the majority of Sorrenians, most notably the socialist sectors, who supported Terranova's appointment. Under Terranova, the Executive Assembly became active, and further growth was encouraged, to good effect. After two strong terms however, Terranova stated that he was no longer able to take on such a large role, and wanted to concentrate on his home province of Erem. This led Miles of Sorrenia to appoint his personal friend and fellow socialist Matthew Bollands.

Bollands' term - similar to Wild's - is viewed with mixed opinion. Although taking steps to encourage friendly relations between the government and the people, as well as the growth of local Sorrenia, his term was rife with inactivity, and the Executive Assembly only managed to assemble once under his term, in the capital city of Levaria. As a result, the debate over the Prime Minister during the 2015 February Elections was one of activity, with prominent (and popular) politician Harry of Sorrenia promising an active, and fully functional Assembly under his regime. After deliberation, Miles appointed Harry, while congratulating Bollands and Trystan Cline for their candidacy for the position.

List of Prime Ministers

Prime Minister Took office Left office Party Party Flag
1 Sorrenian Flag.jpg Lewis Wild 09/10/13 01/12/13
Liberty Party Liberty party (Sorrenia).png
2 Sorrenian Flag.jpg Emanuel Terranova 07/12/13 26/04/14
Socialist Party Party Flag.png
3 Sorrenian Flag.jpg Emanuel Terranova 26/04/14 02/09/14
Workers Party SWP.jpg
4 Filostonia.jpg Matthew Bollands 02/09/14 17/02/15
Workers Party SWP.jpg
5 Sorrenian Flag.jpg Harry of Sorrenia 17/02/15 09/04/15
Sorrenian People's Party Spplogo.png
6 Janiszewski.jpg Andrew Janiszewski 18/04/15 25/08/15
Democratic-Liberty Party Ndlplogo3.png
7 Sorrenian Flag.jpg Miles of Sorrenia 25/08/15 Incumbent
Sorrenian Workers Party SWP.jpg