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Devolved State of  Sorrenian Federation
Flag of Levaria
United we stand, divided we fall
Country Sorrenian Federation
Established7 October 2013
State CapitalMartyr's Building
WebsiteMap of Sorrenia

Founded on the 7 October 2013, Levaria is the old capital of Sorrenia; although now replaced by Sacriston, the area remains a location of extreme historical importance.


It is unclear how the name "Levaria" was chosen, however it was most likely chosen out of respect for "Lartania", a deceased state which was transformed into Eurania.


The flag was previously the Sorrenian emblem on a white background with two red stripes either side, designed to clearly show Levaria as a region under the direct rule of the federal government.

Upon the emergence of the Kingdom of Sorrenia, the old flag was scrapped and replaced with the previous flag of Great Lumley. This flag is the same as that of Washington DC, and now represents the state's historic position as the capital of Sorrenia.


Before Sorrenia

Levaria is a school called St Leonard's Catholic School Durham, in which all the founding members of Sorrenia attended.

The school was founded in 1936 as the St Leonard's Catholic Central School in the former Springwell Hall, a coalmine owner's house acquired in 1935 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. The separate Sixth Form building, known as the Martyrs' Building, is said to stand on ground once used for the execution of Roman Catholic martyrs, such as Saint John Boste, one of the patron saints of the school.

Marty's Building, also known as the Sixth Form Block

During the era of the tripartite system, the school became a secondary modern and turned comprehensive in 1970 when the system was abolished by the LEA. The sixth form was opened that same year. During the last full Ofsted Inspection in 2007 the school was given an overall rating of good.

Sorrenian Federation

Levaria was the founding place of Kozlova, the predecessor nation to Sorrenia. Due to its centrality and the fact that many Kozlovans attended the school, it became an important place for Kozlovan life and politics. When Kozlova fell during the January Revolution, a new nation by the name of 'Sorrenia' was created, and Levaria became the new capital.

Elements of the Executive Assembly occasionally held meetings in order to discuss affairs, and the Politburo of the Sorrenian Workers Party was known to hold meetings there.

War of the Sorrenian Succession

Levaria became important during the war because of its status as the capital of Sorrenia. Socialist League forces quickly took the capital and proclaimed the re-emergence of the Federation, however were eventually defeated by monarchist forces who held the city for the remainder of the war.

Kingdom of Sorrenia

Levaria remains the remnant of a bygone era. All active citizens of Sorrenia have now left the school and so meetings are no longer held, and the Kingdom's attempts to move away from Sorrenia's history stripped the city of its status as a capital, in favour of Sacriston.

Now, Levaria is a devolved state and was designated as such to respect its historic importance, however power is de facto possessed by the central government and local forces only have ceremonial powers.


Entrance into Levaria from the East

As stated, Levaria is a school, located inside and around Springwell Hall. Since its creation as a school, numerous buildings have been created in order to provide more facilities for students, the most recent of which was the "Martyr's Building", also known as the Sixth Form Block. The School also has a large yard towards the south, as well as a small area of forest, often used for Manhunt (similar to hide and seek) during P.E lessons. There is also a large obelisk towards the south below the yard, located near a tennis court, also often used in P.E for various activities. On the other side of the A691 (largest road in the area), Levaria also contains a large playing field, with two football pitches, a running track and a long jump sand pit. The field is also open to the public for recreational uses.

The Obelisk, located towards the south of Levarian Territory


 • Meeting Chamber - the library, in which early Kozlovan and Sorrenian assemblies were held before the legislature transferred to an online entity
 • Martyr's Building - the sixth form centre, where many Sorrenians attended for two years
 • Chemistry Factory - a factory storing many chemical substances, found in the school's science laboratories
 • Playing Grounds - located separately to the mainland of Levaria, the playing grounds are open to the public and host an active sport field, athletic sand pits and a cross-country pitch
 • Obelisk - a large monument built by the school