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HeadquartersFarhangrad, Jumstraad
DissolvedJune 2011
CEOFarhan Abbas (last)
Central bank ofIndokistan
MottoMore Money, Save Banking.

KistanBank was a former national bank of Indokistan. It was established in December 2011, and disbanded on 22 June 2011 after KistanRupiah lost its official currency status. Before its dissolution, the bank also held two child companies that prints money (Indokistan Printing and Coinage Inc.) and a money changer (KistanChanger Inc.).

After its dissolution, Indokistan runs without a native central bank until November 2011, when Central Bank of Indokistan was established to replace KistanBank after readoption of KistanRupiah as official currency.


KistanBank had 5 regional branches before its disbandment, all inside Indokistan.

  • Minister Bulding, Farhangrad
  • KistanHotel
  • KistanMall
  • Western Stadium
  • Farhan Abbas International Airport