Libertarian Party of Sorrenia

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The Libertarian Party is a political party in the Kingdom of Sorrenia, formed around Classical Liberal ideals.

The Libertarian Party
Rextudatlā Wextowiron Sorreniyācon
LeaderMatthew Riverson
Ideology • Loyalism
 • Libertarianism
Official coloursBlue
King's Council
1 / 21
Papal Directorate
0 / 5
CountrySorreniaflagnew.png Sorrenia


The party neither traces descent to one of the old Sorrenian parties, nor did it engage in the conflict during the War of the Sorrenian Succession. Instead, it was formed shortly after the end of the war and the coronation of King Ronald I.

The party won just one seat in the King's Council, and thus has so far been unable to significantly alter policy.

Policy Stances

 • Loyalism - the party is generally regarded as loyalist, given its acceptance of the kingship of Ronald. The party leader has said "Ronald is an adept leader. Removing him would increase the risk of socialist takeover'. The party has however suggested it may support a national referendum "when the spectre of socialism is removed".
 • Anti-socialism - the party is staunchly opposed to socialism, and has expressed its desire to move away from the Sorrenian Federation 'in as many ways as possible'.
 • Checks - the party has supported legislation to place limits on the King's powers.
 • Laissez-faire Economics - the party generally supports reductions in tax and government spending coupled with reduced bureaucracy.