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Intelligence of Indokistan
Intelijen Indokistan

Menyerang Sebelum Perang
(Attack before war)
Formed 16 December 2011
Jurisdiction Indokistani government
Head Officer Ali Akbar
Commanding authority Indokistan Armed Forces
Headquarters Trastraad

The Intelligence of Indokistan (Intelijen Indokistan), was an intelligence agency that serving Federal State of Indokistan established in December 16, 2011. It was dependent to Indokistan Armed Forces, which made the agency runned under the military.


The agency was formed after Ali Akbar proposal to establish an intelligence agency in Indokistan was supported and accepted by members of parliament. The headquarters of INTELIN are located in the city of Trastraad. It is the newest branch of Indokistan Armed Forces.