Delphian Sector

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Delphian sector
Pan-Delphian Flag
General information
Sector founded2020
Sector founded byHunt P.

The Delphian Sector is a micronational sector in Minnesota, USA. It was first considered as a concept by Hunt P. who coined the term "Delphian Sector."


The sector is named after undoubtedly the most influential micronation in the sector, Delphia.

List of Nations

The lists below include present-day nations, historical nations, and other political entities that exist/have existed.

Present-Day Nations

Flag Nation Capital Pop.
Delphia.png Federal States of Delphia Dunpin 27
SouthDivine.png 2nd Republic of Sondonesia Linestin 32
SeldaviaFlag.png Fascist Seldavia Reich Marlin 44
194E6F97-1A9B-43AC-96A7-25376B86D1A5.jpg United Eastern Delphian States Antonson 11
327A91C3-EE0F-44D3-9DF3-B5E4CB9485ED.jpg Simianian Empire Johnathanton 9
Noflag.png Kilmerian Unknown Unknown
B1EBB9C4-EE8F-49E8-BCCC-D674F70F6CE0.jpg Narasaures Unknown Unknown
Noflag.png Numerous other micronations without proper documentation N/A N/A

Historical Nations

Flag Nation Capital Pop.
Flag of the Delphian Union.png Delphian Union New Salvador Town 32
6BEAED85-C324-435A-AEFF-530777CD9C2F.jpg Delphian Neutral Zone N/A N/A
SondonesiaFlag.png Imperial Empire of Sondonesia Porshaw 61
SouthDivine.png Federation of United Divine Longsburg 36
North Divine.png North Divine Learton Unknown
SouthDivine.png South Divine Unknown Unknown
CB09C874-D8B0-4BC8-BFFD-A86300CF3AA5.jpg United Republic of Divine Unknown Unknown
87B9AFF3-BA3B-49AD-9AC9-6A4DEEF02BCD.jpg People's Republic of Cratia Unknown Unknown
8F32A622-B0E9-4556-959A-3B6C0C8951C6.jpg New German Empire Unknown Unknown
CF8CB553-3FCD-4C95-9DEE-814502DE312E.jpg Republic of Narasaurus Unknown Unknown
D3DBB017-93C4-4E22-B1E0-E368B0DA6B29.jpg Pablo Mexican Empire Unknown Unknown
BC0161D4-2FCE-43B3-8E24-1D3EB599364A.jpg Delphian Empire Unknown Unknown
BC0161D4-2FCE-43B3-8E24-1D3EB599364A.jpg 2nd Delphian Empire Unknown Unknown
02C0551B-A56B-4488-9714-22362A660313.jpg Delphian Kingdom Unknown Unknown
31045D5B-7C83-44D9-8AA3-8BFB6D071B19.jpg Delphian Republic Unknown Unknown
0603C764-C50B-452B-9B71-21B74759F149.jpg Delphian Federation Unknown Unknown
22EBA117-876F-428A-9CC4-E9F10A91B1EE.jpg Delphian People's Republic Unknown Unknown
60DC307B-307F-4841-B391-061B7D1BB433.jpg Seldavian Mobzen Unknown 6
Mobzenflag.png Mobzen Unknown Unknown

Rogue States, Tribes, and Revolts

Flag State
ANCOM2.jpg Socialist Republic of Grovepark
44AF01C2-527E-4C15-8802-0FD9400C34FF.jpg Vang Tribe
9928BC0E-B5A4-417C-B5A5-6767021BFCD5.jpg Cedar Park Tribe
Tribeflag.png Seldavian Tribe
Tribeflag.png Salvador Tribe
Delphianrebel.png Free Delphian Rebellion
ANCOM2.jpg People's Republic of New Salvador
Delphianrebel.png Divine Rebellion
Delphianrebel.png Republic of Balcon
Delphianrebel.png Republic of Mexica


The Delphian Sector has had a large amount of wars in it, with the earliest in 2017. Below is a list of conflicts that have been fought in the sector.


Conflict Dates Result
Vang Tribe-Delphian War January 20th - 21st, 2017 Delphian Empire victorious
Cedar Park Tribe-Delphian War February 11th - 13th, 2017 Delphian Empire victorious
Seldavian Tribe-Delphian War February 22nd - 25th, 2017 Delphian Empire victorious
Salvador Tribe-Delphian War August 12th - 14th, 2017 2nd Delphian Empire victorious
Delphian Civil War November 10th - 14th, 2017 Delphian Rebels victorious
2nd Salvador Tribe-Delphian War December 2nd - 5th, 2017 Delphian Republic victorious


Conflict Dates Result
Hazelwood-Delphian War January 4th - 13th, 2018 Delphian Republic victorious
Divine Revolution April 6th - 18th, 2018 Diviner Rebels victorious
Delphian-Cratian War May 19th - 26th, 2018 Delphian People's Republic victorious
New Austas-NADP War August 7th - ???, 2018 NADP victorious
Pablo-Delphian War August 24th, - September 1st, 2018 Delphian People's Republic victorious
Naun-NADP War September 9th - 14th, 2018 NADP victorious
1st Great Delphian War September 22nd, - November 3rd, 2018 Delphian Union victorious


Conflict Dates Result
2nd Delphian Civil War December 3rd, 2018 - February 7th, 2019 Delphian Rebels victorious
Balcon-Delphian War February 12th - 14th, 2019 Federal States of Delphia victorious
Mexica-Delphian War February 20th - 23th, 2019 Federal States of Delphia victorious
Delphian-New Salvador War March 27th, - April 1st, 2019 Federal States of Delphia victorious
North Divine War July 10th - August 22nd, 2019 Anti-North Divine Coalition victorious


Conflict Dates Result
2nd Great Delphian War November 26th, 2019 - March 20th, 2020 Seldavia victorious
3rd Great Delphian War June 29th - September 12th, 2020 Federal States of Delphian victorious
3rd Seldavian-Delphian War November 1st - Ongoing Ongoing