3rd Great Delphian War

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3rd Great Delphian War
Date29 June - 12 September 2020
Ernland-flag.png Ernland  Surrendered
Parland.png The Democratic Republic of Parland  Surrendered
Naunrecreationflag.png People's Republic of Naun  Surrendered
Noflag.png Great Lake Republic  Surrendered
SeldaviaFlag.png Fascist Seldavia Reich  Surrendered
SondonesiaFlag.png Imperial Empire of Sondonesia  Surrendered
DNF.png Delphian Iron Front  Surrendered
Hoodsovietsorsomething.png Soviet Republic of the Hood
UnitedOceanStates.jpg Reunited Ocean States
HOUSEISTAN.png Democratic Republic of Houseistan
3978B306-1953-489E-B4A1-7604A036F714.jpg Free States of Delphia
Borduriaflag.jpg Borduria
PacificaFlag.png Kingdom of Pacifica
B1EBB9C4-EE8F-49E8-BCCC-D674F70F6CE0.jpg Narasaures
Commanders and leaders
Ernland-flag.png Emperor Rohan SeldaviaFlag.png Fuhrer Dario UnitedOceanStates.jpg Jaime P. III
3978B306-1953-489E-B4A1-7604A036F714.jpg Johan L.P

The 3rd Great Delphian War was a conflict mainly involving the Free States of Delphia, with other micronations being involved in the war. Due to complications involving diplomacy the war had 3 seperate factions.

Series of Events

Event Date
Narasaures declares independence from Sondonesia, Sondonesia responds by declaring war June 29
Borduria joins the war on the side of Narasaures July 1
Seldavia joins on the side of Sondonesia July 2
Seldavia and Sondonesia declare war on Delphia and Borduria July 5
Seldavian soldiers invade the Delphian Neutral Zone July 11
Parland declares war on Seldavia in support of Delphia July 20
People's Republic of Naun declares war on Seldavia, Cratia declares war on Seldavia July 22
Ernland declares war on Seldavia, Delphian Iron Front declares war on Delphia July 23
Soviet Republic of the Hood declares war on Ernland July 24
Reunited Ocean States and the Democratic Republic of Houseistan declare war on Ernland July 27
Great Lake Republic drops out of the war, Ocean States and Houseistan sign a ceasefire with Delphia July 28
People's Republic of Naun dissolves July 29
Seldavia surrenders to Delphia July 31
Delphia and Seldavia sign the Treaty of Singlenpen August 1
Delphia declares war on Ernland and Parland, officially switching sides to join Ocean States aligned faction August 3
Kingdom of Pacifica declares war on Ernland and Parland, Parland surrenders to Delphia and signs a treaty August 4
Imperial Empire of Sondonesia surrenders to Delphia August 5
Delphian Iron Front surrenders to Delphia (Group presumed to dissolve shortly thereafter) September 7
The Democratic-Socialist Empire of Ernland dissolves September 12