Vang Tribe-Delphian War

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Vang Tribe-Delphian War
Date(January 20th - 21st, 2017)

Delphian Victory

  • Vang Tribe land claims ceded to Delphia
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The Vang Tribe-Delphian War was a conflict between the Vang Tribe and the Delphian Empire.


The War started in January 20 2017 just four days after Delphia declared independence. The reason is Delphia wanted to expand south to an area rich in soil but it’s under the Vang Tribe control when Delphian Emperor Elijah Jones wanted rich soil because Delphia barely didn’t have any so War was declared. It was a quick victory with Delphia having a population of 8 and 6 soldiers and the Vang tribe only have 4 and 2 Soldiers the War was quickly over The Treaty of Acorn states that all Vang tribe land was handed over to the Delphian Empire