Federation of United Divine

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Federation of United Divine,
Republic of Sondonesia

August 29th, 2019 — December 1st, 2019


Minnesota, United States
Capital cityLongsburg
Official language(s)English
Short nameUnited Divine, Sondonesia
DemonymDivinian, Sondonesian
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
- PresidentJordan (Last name unknown
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 34
- Last election - October 6th, 2019
EstablishedAugust 29th, 2019
Area claimedUnknown

The Federation of United Divine was a micronation that began existence in August 2019, being the unification of North Divine and Republic of South Divine. It was a parliamentary republic, seeing one election during the nation's existence. The collapse of United Divine began when the Fascist and Imperial parties performed a coup in the capital.[1]


United Divine began existence soon after the conclusion of the North Divine War, with the surrendered North Divine being united with South Divine. These two nations would be merged into a bicameral parliamentary republic.


The first and last election of United Divine, taking place on October 6th would see Jordan win the presidency, with the Divine Conservative Party controlling most of the parliament.[2]

Candidate Election for President of United Divine
Party Result
Leo Change and Reform Party Loss
Jordan Divine Conservative Party Winner
Party Parliamentary Seats
Seats % of Control
Green Party 4 11.8%
Fascist Party 7 20.6%
Divine Conservative Party 14 41.2%
Change and Reform Party 9 26.5%

Name Change

On October 14th, the Federation of United Divine would officially change its name to the Republic of Sondonesia.[3]

Coup d'etat

The 1st of December would see the Fascist and Imperial parties overthrowing the Federation of United Divine. President Jordan resigned the same day as the coup occured. This coup was likely planned and supported by the Fascist Seldavian Reich. After the ousting the fascist usurpers established the Imperial Empire of Sondonesia, immediately supporting Seldavian in the then on-going Seldavian War.