Delphian Civil War

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Delphian Civil War
DateNovember 10th - 14th, 2017

Rebel Victory

02C0551B-A56B-4488-9714-22362A660313.jpg Delphian Kingdom Delphianrebel.png Delphian Rebels

The Delphian Civil War started on November 10th 2017, and lasted 4 days. The war resulted in a rebel victory.


The reason why Delphian Civil War started is because the people wanted to get rid of the absolute monarchy and replace it with a New Democratic government. The Civil War lasted only 4 days because the Rebels captured the capital Stairs and the largest city Floorton. The result was a government defeat and a rebel victory. King Christoper was forced to abdicate the throne. A new republic was founded, the Delphian Republic.