Simiana Empire

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Simiana Empire
Flag of Simiana Empire
Largest citySan Miguel
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Kaiser
• Simianan Revolution
August 8th, 2020

The Simiana Empire was Founded after the Simianan Revolution of August 8th, 2020. It currently functions as a parliamentary monarchy. Simiana has a population of 9 and a standing military of 6.

Simianan Revolution

The reason for the revolution was for a better Simiana and a stronger one so that it never gets conquered again. After Simiana got independence from Sondonesia many wanted the former king Haddock but instead the parliament decided that it would be prince Diego. However he reversed many of Haddocks policies which were very popular he also cut the military. So on August 8 2020 Simianans went to the capital and demanded to reinstate the Haddock policies or step down. King Diego refused and the people demanded him to step down, once again he refused. Then the people and the military stormed the residence and overthrew the king.


Once King Diego was overthrown he was exiled to the United States. But Diego requested to be in Delphia. This was refused. Today Simiana is ruled by Kaiser William.

Unification with Delphia

On January 25, 2021 a member of the Simiana parliament introduced a bill that would unite Simiana with Delphia, it passed on January 27, 2021 and a referendum followed suit on February 3, 2021 and the results were 80 percent for unification and 20 percent for independence. So on February 6 2021 Simiana officially united with Delphia and for the first time 2019, Delphians once again controlled the area