Autovia R5

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Autovia R5 "Airport Scar" "Air-tovia" Indokistan
Length 1.2 km
Operated by
  • Cussex Road and Highway Authority
  • City Airports, ltd.
North Eden Heights, Sutton (A71)
South Sutton Intermicronational Airport
Major interchanges
Exit 1 Eden Heights, Sutton
Exit 2 Terminal 1, Newstiltson
Primary destinations Sutton Intermicronational Airport

The Autovia R5, also known as Airport Scar; or most recently by Cussexian "Air-tovia", is a bypass road to Sutton Intermicronational Airport. With only 1.2 km (0.8 mi) long, it is the shortest Autovia in the network. Despite of that, the road handles passengers in or out of STT.

Fee and Safety

This is the only "Tovia" road that doesn't impose any charge at all to the motorist. Speed Cameras are armed to replace the normal ERP gantry as an electronic law enforcement device.


KM Eden Heights (A71) to Sutton Intermicronational
Sutton Intermicronational to Eden Heights (A71)
0 Eden Heights IC

Entry from

Sutton, Gatesbridge (A743)

Exit to

Sutton, Gatesbridge (A743)

0+000 A71 Highway Border
0+000 R5 Autovia Border
1+200 Sutton Intermicronational Airport
Terminal 1
1+200 Loop back to the start