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Med-Evil Ghost is a film series of three dark comedy supernatural horror short films and one upcoming film which follows the eponymous character, real name Osbert (1293–1318), who is a spiritual entity who massacres anyone who vandalises his grave located in the fictional Heritage Park of Donald Grangkill. Upon Osbert's death, a curse was placed on the site of his burial so that if anyone disrespects, vandalises or loots his grave he will come back to life as a spirit to kill them. He is dubbed "Med-Evil Ghost". All three films have been written and directed by brothers jOOST and Zarel Smith, with jOOST producing all three films and Zarel producing only the third film alongside him. The first two films received mixed to negative reviews, while the third was received generally positively. The first film was Med-Evil Ghost released on 8 May 2019, followed by Med-Evil Ghost II on 23 May 2019 which takes place in 2027. It is the shortest gap between sequels in New Eiffelic film history. The third film, Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken, was released on 11 November 2019. The fourth and final instalment Med-Evil Ghost: The Final Roast is planned for release in 2020.


Med-Evil Ghost (2019)

Med-Evil Ghost II (2019)

Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken (2019)

Med-Evil Ghost: The Final Roast (2021)

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