Province of Gallifrey

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Province of Gallifrey
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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
Capital city Tardis
Largest city TorchWood
Official language(s) Gallifreyan
Official religion(s) Secularism
Demonym Gallifreyan
- Burgomeister Lucas Sjores
Established April 27th 2011 (as Republic of Koss)
Time zone KST
National animal Lions

The Province of Gallifrey is an administrative region of the St.Charlian federation of Koss located in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Its capital is Tardis where most of the political and economical business is located.


The term Gallifrey has generated many polemic, many seem to think it is a reference to the sci-fi television show Doctor Who, as many elements such as language and culture are very influenced by such show. While others, believe the term gallifrey comes from bringing the terms gali(lituanian for being able to) and frei(german for free) together. This would mean gallifrey could be translated as able to be free as advocated by Burgomeister Sjores . In a speech, Sjores stated Gallifreyans wanted to be free from the corruption of Brazil


Gallifrey is one of the oldest administrative regions in Koss. Dating back to the days of the foundation of the Republic.


Gallifrey is governed by the Burgomeister, currently Lucas Sjores. The Burgomeister has unlimited powers within the Province, being able to instate anything by decree, as long as that is not contradictory to Federal Law.



Traditional Gallifreyan cuisine consists of low calorie meals. A traditional dishe is “The Dalek” which consists of mashed potatoes and roasted salmon marinated in lemon. This dishe is served with coarse rice and provençal tomatoes. Another traditional dish is “Tiler” which is simple smoked crab meat seasoned with lemon.


Gallifreyan music encompasses a wide variety of genres. The most renowned is “Gripp”, a melancholy and classic tipe of music.


Tennis is the most popular sport in Gallifrey. There are several Tennis competitions ranging from local amateur to world-class professional level. The legendary Lucas Sjores is still a major symbol of Gallifreyan Tennis.