Languages of New Eiffel

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The erstwhile New Eiffel had three official languages, three national languages and four regional languages. English was the lingua franca and used in almost all official government documents and sessions, and spoken as at least an additional language by every citizen. Afrikaans, English (see also New Eiffelic English) and New Eiffellian, a constructed language, were recognised as official. All of the five residents could speak English and Afrikaans.

Ceremonial languages

New Eiffel had three national languages, used for ceremonial purposes: Hungarian, which was official in the capital Új Repülő, and two constructed languages, Arabtemporarian and Zësøtix.


Two residents reported speaking "at least some" amount of Dutch, and one resident reported speaking "at least some" amount of Flemish, thus granting the two languages officially recognised regional status. North New Eifellic was official in the territory Lodia. LOLspeak–a jocular language based on the Internet meme of lolcats–was also recognised as a regional language.

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