North New Eifellic language

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North New Eifellic
Nurt-noveifellen lingv
Language familyGermanic
Writing systemLatin script
Official status
Official language in New Eiffel

The North New Eifellic language is a constructed language and a regional language in the Principality of New Eiffel. It is the first of the New Eifellic languages to have short videos such as "Aggretsuko" translated into it. Constructed using Esperanto's 16 rules and adopting its affix and simple conjuations, while using German and Norwegian vocabulary, the language is intended to be strikingly easy to learn.


North New Eiffelic uses 29 letters of the Latin script to write both native and loanwords. It is not known how accents are alphabetically ordered in the language, so they will be ordered in a similar fashion to that of Esperanto. They will be accounted for as separate letters and collated separately next to the letter they sound closest to.

Please note that there are no official letter names, so Danish and Norwegian equivalents will be used instead.

Majuscule forms
Minuscule forms
a æ b c d e é f g h i œ j k l m n o å p r s t u ø v w z

Letter names and sound values
Letter A Æ B C D E É F G H I Œ J K L M N O Å P R S T U Ø V W Z
Name a ai bej cu dej ej éj ef gej håd i œ je kåd el em en o å pe er es te u ø vej duvej zet
Corresponding sounds /a/ /b/ /t͡s/ /d/ /e/ /f/ /g/ /h/ /i/ /j/ /k/ /l/ /m/ /n/ /ɒ/ /p/ /r/ /s/ /t/ /u/ /ø/ /v/ /w/ /z/
English approximation Alfa Aye Bravo Tsunami Delta Echo Ay Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Yule Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Romeo Sierra Tango Pool Victor Zulu

A North New Eiffelic Alphabet song would probably go like "A--Ai--Bej--Cu--Dej--Ej--Éj----Ef--Gej--Håd--I--Œ--Je--Kåd----El-Em-En-O-Å-Pe-Er-Es-Te-U-Ø-Vej-Du-vej-Zet, unen vi wissener da A, Ai, Bej, Cu, duen gang, synger kun mi."


A (as in aawww) E (eh) I (as in disk) O (like oh in oh no) U (like oo in "pool") Ø (like U but nasal) Æ (like A but nasal) Å(like O but nasal) Œ (extremely rare, like I but nasal) É (optional writing of "ea'")

B C(ts) D F G H J(y) K L M N P R S T V W(ax) Z

all diphthongs are accepted byt "au" "ou" and are frowned upon, and all words are pronounced as read. This phonology is Esperanto based with the inclusion of Norwegian vowels.

conjugations and structure

Basic words are simply a root noun with a specific ending. but affixes and extra roots can be added on. for example: arr (group) arren (group as an adjective, like "a group trip") arrek (adverb, as a group) spis (meal) spisi (the act of eating) spiser (present tense) spisir/spisis (past) spisos (future) esterr (boss, leader) arresterr (group leader, cheif) arresterrarr (board of cheifs, board of directors) arresterarresterr (head of the board of directors) dom (house) Konnekt (connection) konnektiten (connected) konnektitdom (apartment)


North New Eiffelic is the first of New Eiffelic languages to have media translated into the language, anime such as Aggretsuko & Video games such has Super Mario World have been fantranslated into the language with the aim of encouraging North New Eiffelic (and New Eiffelic languages) to become more popular, a bigger variety of games & anime are expected to come by. The first Microwiki page on North New Eiffelic was a page dedicated to the Principality of New Eiffel.

North New Eiffelic also has a media service named: Da Nart. The service is the first of its kind for New Eiffelic languages and provides news from worldwide sources in a non-biased format, fantranslated videos to watch and video games in the language to download and play; though the video game and video services are illegal to access as they do not comply with the New Eiffel Internet Law Act 2 due to hosting content without copyright consent. It has not been banned.