New Eiffelian language

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New Eiffelian
Nel Ifemjtu
Flag of New Eiffel.svg
Spoken inNew Eiffel
Writing system(s)Latin, Cyrillic

New Eiffelian, erroneously New Eiffellian (New Eiffelian: Nel Ifemjtu) is a constructed language designed by Janus Smith (Janus smith) in 2018, succeeding Arabtemperrarian. The lexicon of the language includes approximately 60 words as of 10 December 2019. The language is only spoken fluently by Janus Smith.


New Eiffelian was made on the same year as Arabtemporarian (which was created by Zabëlle I, Prince of New Eiffel), Arabtemporarian was inspired by other conlangs, it descended from the Germanic Family tree. Janus smith, upon finding the language had a lack of consistency, he had invented New Eiffelian to be the national language of the country. Arabtemporarian is still recognised as a national language in the country, alongside New Eiffelian.

As of 10 December 2019, New Eiffelian had a lexicon of approximately 60 words. The government does not currently regulate the language.


Likewise to Arabtemporian, New Eiffelian also uses the Latin Alphabet but also (until previously) made use of the Cyrillic letter "Б". The latin alphabet is ordered differently from most latin-based language.

    • A B C D E G S H I J M N O F P R T U W Y Z Б
    • a c b d e g s h i j l m n o f p r t u w x y z ő