United Armed Forces

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The United Armed Forces (UAF) are the armed forces of New Eiffel. Although UAF was created on 14 November 2018 after HRANE and the Navy of New Eiffel, it became the main defensive body of New Eiffel. HRANE and the Navy of New Eiffel were later made branches of UAF.

His Royal Army of New Eiffel
New Eiffel War Flag.jpeg
Established 14 November 2018
Micronation New Eiffel Flag.jpeg The Principality of New Eiffel
Previous engagements New Eiffel Civil War
Reunification of New Eiffel Skirmish
New Eiffel Border War
Current engagements Arstotzka Observation
Minister of War j. Heystek Albertein Smith
Chief of Staff Prince Zed I
HRANE Head Field Marshall Matthew
Navy of New Eiffel General Robert Hart
General information
Headquarters None official
Casualties 0
Active personeels 8
Standard weapons Rifle, Wooden Baton, Nunchucks, katana, Knives
Budget £1,235 (Rough estimate)


Logo Name Type Founded
New Eiffel War Flag.jpeg His Royal Army of New Eiffel Military 1 January 2018
Navy of New Eiffel.jpeg Navy of New Eiffel Navy 23 July 2018
N/A Airforce of New Eiffel Airforce 23 January 2019