His Royal Army of New Eiffel

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His Royal Army of New Eiffel
New Eiffel War Flag.jpeg
Established 1 January 2018
Country New Eiffel Flag.jpeg The Principality of New Eiffel
Nicknames "New Eiffel Army"
Previous engagements New Eiffel Civil War
Reunification of New Eiffel Conflict
New Eiffel Border War
Current engagements Arstotzka Observation
Master General vacant
Chief of Staff Prince Zed I
Head Field Marshall Vacant
General Louis Smith
Lieutenant-general Vacant
General information
Headquarters None official
Casualties 0
Active personeels 6
Standard weapons Rifle, Wooden Baton, Nunchucks, katana, Knives
Budget £200 (Rough estimate)

His Royal Army of New Eiffel (HRANE) also known as The New Eiffel Military, is the national defense force of The Principality of New Eiffel. It consists of a small army of 4 people, with other people regularly volunteering.

Weaons Equipment

All volunteers are told to use wooden batons, and more experienced persons are told to use Knives. Nunchucks are also popular weapons for people to use in extreme cases.

Higher ranking members learn how to use rifles and katanas. However, rifles are only used for self-defence purposes, and should never be fired.


The ranks are as follows:

  • Master General
  • Head Field Marshall
  • General
  • Lieutenant-general
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant-colonel
  • Captain-major
  • Major
  • Captain
  • First lieutenant
  • Second lieutenant
  • Officer cadet
  • Cadet

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