Navy of New Eiffel

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Navy of New Eiffel
Navy of New Eiffel.jpeg
Established 23 July 2018
Country New Eiffel Flag.jpeg Principality of New Eiffel
Nicknames "New Eiffel Navy"
Previous engagements New Eiffel Border War
Current engagements Arstotzka Observation
General Robert Hart
Chief of Staff Prince Zed I
General information
Headquarters None official
Navy size 2 ships
Casualties 0
Active personeels 12+
Standard weapons Rifle, Wooden Baton, Nunchucks, katana, Knives
Budget £1000 (Rough estimate)

The Navy of New Eiffel or simply New Eiffel Navy, is a branch of the United Armed Forces, and is the national navy of New Eiffel.


The Navy of New Eiffel was founded on 23 July 2018. It consists of 2 small ships. One is called the Fast Gem and the other the Orange Gem. Although the ships have never been used in battle, they have been used defensively in the New Eiffel Border War and the Arstotzka Observation.


The Navy of New Eiffel has a branch called the National Coastguard of New Eiffel. It was established sometime in early 2019, and the total budget is around £50.