Kingdom of Illinois

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Kingdom of Illinois
Coat of arms
Motto: State sovereignty, national pride
Anthem: Illinois State Song
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
William I
• Viceroy
Johannus von Ikner
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
Establishment19 September 2015
• Census
Time zoneCentral: UTC-6/-5

Illinois is member state of the North American Confederation. It is the home to majority of the Imperial Family as well. It is rich in various cultures from all over the world, and in both micronational and macronational history. Illinois as a micronation is based around the city of Chicago and is the cradle of of the former New European Empire.

From 28 December 2010 until 17 April 2011, it handled the responsibilities left behind from New Europe within the earliest days of the Confederation. Politically, Illinois represented the center of both New European and North American conservatism, in recent years it has considerably shifted to a more progressive stance. In the past, it had a Fascist government that was forced from power after the New European Civil War. Though the democratic government entered power smoothly it was met with opposition by many former Fascist leaders and their supporters. Presently, Illinois is a monarchy under the House of Hartmann-Peters, who are also the ruling house of the wider Confederation.


The current spelling form, Illinois, began to appear in the early 1670s, when French colonists had settled in the western area. The micronation derives its name from the Illinois river running through majority of the US state.


Old Kingdom

Micronationally, Illinois was founded by Wilhelm von Hartmann on 18 January 2007. The kingdom would be instrumental in founding the U.R.N.A., alongside Connecticut and Tennessee. While the U.R.N.A. was functionally a Neo-Nazi gang, Illinois did not allow the king to impose laws that infringed on the rights of minorities. The government however stopped defending minority rights shortly after the founding of the U.E.N.A. which allowed for a greater diversity in the state. It was persistent in keeping an ethnic German culture in the state and government. And finally passed laws that made it illegal to speak Polish, which was a dominant language in the Chicago area. As well as imposed a similar law on Spanish, which was gaining fluency across the continental United States.

Kingdom to Fascist State

Illinois was initially organized as an Electorive Monarchy, set up and run by King Wilhelm in late 2008. The King was elected by popular vote and made its first pick for Wilhelm, who was also leader of the U.R.N.A. at the time. The King reigned for a two year period and had to either step down or run again. Wilhelm stepped down and the state elected Johannus von Ikner as the second King of Illinois. King James reigned for barely a month before he began making arrangements to reorganize the state. After petitioning the Imperial Chancellor and the Emperor he was granted permission to reform the government. Declaring the Electoral Kingdom of Illinois abolished and declared the Social Republic of Illinois. Modeling it after Fascist Italy of the 1920's thru late 1930's. Under Fascism, Illinois surprisingly remained unchanged. The laws of the old kingdom remained in place but had many additions to them.

The government went from imposing laws against languages, to against inter-racial relationships. This became a huge scandal to the Fascist Party members when it was found out that the State Leader was seeing an Arabian girl. Now charges were brought against him. But the scandal did raise questions to the ever growing liberal Imperial Government. Illinoisan people did voice their opinions against the racial laws in September 2009 and were not opposed to such laws but did not want such strict laws against the minorities. In November, the Fascists found out that the New European Kaiser had privately endorsed the protest and held a counter rally that lead to the Chicago Skirmish.


On 2 March 2009, Illinois acquired a Colony on the coast of the State of Florida called St Petersburg. Illinois acquired this through talks with the Emperor and with Florida, and Johannus von Ikner made visits to St Petersburg, both to keep the peace and spread the doctrine of Fascism for New Europe and Illinois.

After the New European Civil War, St. Petersburg was placed under direct control of the Imperial Government to monitor Johannus von Ikner for his exile. The colony was maintained by the government and upon unification with Ohio and Eniarku, control of the colony was given back to the state.


After Fascism was outlawed in New Europe following the Civil War, Illinois was in need of political restructuring. The people of Illinois were devoutly nationalistic group and this had profound effect on the nature of their political transition. Dimitriy Stremoukhov, assumed power in the state and laid out a new state constitution. The Illinois General Assembly presented two proposals, one to restore the elective monarchy and another to install a republic. In the end, they voted on a republican system, and began writing the laws of the state.

Some members of government still favored extreme right politics and wanted to continue it regardless of the imperial laws. Kelly von Ikner, the older sister of Johannus von Ikner, stated that Illinois should secede from New Europe and pursue the goals of establishing "true Fascism", most of her comments went ignored by citizens and politicians.

From NAC to present

Upon the initial foundation of the North American Confederation, it was the Imperial Government of New Europe which entered into the union with Ohio and Eniarku. However when it became clear that the Reich could not be maintained with its monarch accepting the crown over the new confederation, New Europe was dismantled a piece at a time. Illinois was one of the many states to fall into inactivity during the New European Regency period, however it had the highest number of returns when the confederation was founded. The people elected Jorge Contreras as State Leader, the first non-right winged leader in its history. Given its history as an ethnic based government, Illinois gladly took over in New Europe's place. Contreras was a positive figure to the people of Illinois. He lifted all restrictions against interracial relationships, languages, and cultural practices. He did however continue to support the policies that encouraged nationalism and cultural preferences in some cases.

During the Chancellory elections of 2011, Illinois had an astounding 4 to 1 vote for the Socialist candidate. State leadership took a poll to find that the people had moved away from nationalism and supported the reformist agenda. A second poll said that people from Illinois were in favor of reforming the government again. After the dissolution of New Europe, Leader Contreras retired from office in favor of Johannus von Ikner who participated in the formation of the Kingdom of Occidia. In March 2014 an agreement was made between Occidia and Illinois to form a personal union between the two micronations with Ikner acting as Viceroy. Following the interregnum and the reorganization of the North American government, Occidia was dissolved and Illinois elected to maintain the monarchy.


Illinois has three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Legislative functions are granted to the Illinois General Assembly, composed of the 5 members of the Illinois Senate. The executive branch is led by the State Leader of Illinois, but four other executive officials are separately elected by the people. The judiciary is composed of the Supreme Court of Illinois and the lower appellate and circuit courts.

Party balance

Historically, Illinois has been a conservative state ideologically. Under both the old kingdom and the fascist regime Illinois always voted for the most right winged candidates possible in both state and national elections of New Europe. Since its reorganization and taking New Europe's place within the North American Confederation Illinois has begun to vote into a more neutral point of view on things. Leader Contreras founded the Centrist Party and contiues to govern along those ideals. Although it is still officially a right wing state the General Assembly has a Socialist majority.

Law enforcement

Local law enforcement in Illinois is made up of the former Brotherhood Division that was stationed there. When the military deserted in 2010 the original members of the Brotherhood Division remained loyal to Contreras and when the first attempt to rebuild New Europe began they all willingly returned to secure the former Imperial Capital. Today Contreras has maintained what's left of the division and has successfully monitored any attempts to overthrow the state government. They are currently known as the Illinois State Police.

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