Eniarku State Military Police

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Eniarku State Military Police
Ukrainian: Eniarku Derzhavnoï viy̆sʹkovoï Politsiï
Agency overview
JurisdictionState of Eniarku, NAC
HeadquartersVicis, Eniarku, NAC
Ministers responsible
  • Aaron Meek, State Commissioner of Eniarku
  • Colonel Anna Swanson, Advisor of State Security (etc.)
Agency executives
Parent agencyEniarkian State Security Committee
Child agencies
  • Eniarkian State Bureau of Investigation
  • Eniarkian State Marshal Service
  • Eniarkian State Defense Force
  • Eniarkian National Assistance Force
Originally the Eniarkian Army until unification. Later re-named the "Wolverine Brigade", and became the Eniarkian State Military Police on April 3, 2011.

The Eniarkian State Military Police (Eniarku Derzhavnoï viy̆sʹkovoï Politsiï), is the main law enforcement branch of the State Government of Eniarku. Officially, it is the Eniarkian branch of the North American Army, and does act as such. However, it also takes on the responsibilities left by the now-defunct Eniarkian State Police, hence the title state military police.


The State Military Police traces its origins to the Eniarkian Army, which was the main military force of the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku during its time as an independent nation, as well as that of the long-defunct Republic of Eniarku. It came to be upon the unification of New Europe, the Ohio Empire, and Eniarku, when representatives from the three nations agreed to abolish all state military forces and incorporate them into the North American Army. The Eniarkian Army was then renamed the "Wolverine Brigade", a short-lived title created by Emperor William to replace the previous title. Finally, on April 3, 2011, State Commissioner of Eniarku Aaron Meek created the State Military Police, for the purposes of both serving as the Eniarkian branch of the NA Army, as well as the main law enforcement branch within the state.


The State Military Police is led in the field by the highest and second-highest ranking military individuals in the state. However, in the government, it is led and represented by the State Commissioner and the Advisor of State Security—the "ministers responsible".

Ministers Responsible

State Commissioner

# Name Term start Term end
1 Aaron Meek November 28, 2010 Incumbent

Advisor of State Security

# Name Term start Term end
1 COL Anna Swanson February 15, 2010 Incumbent

Military Leadership


# Name Term start Term end
1 GEN Mason Horn April 3, 2011 Incumbent


# Name Term start Term end
1 BG Evan Meek April 3, 2011 Incumbent

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